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Big Day at Big K Productions

September 21, 2015

Denver’s Big K Productions Record Collector’s Fall Expo

Karen & Kurt - Big K Productions

Karen & Kurt – Big K Productions

Sunday September 20th was the date for Big K Production’s Denver Record Collector’s Fall Expo – a twice-a-year event.  As always lots of great collectibles and great camaraderie among the exhibitor’s and attendees.  Big K is the creation of Karen Brown and Kurt Ohlen.  The former Wax Trax Record employees have hosted the event for about 20 years.

They are the driving force behind “Wormtone” Records which are offered on their web site.  Visit the Big K Productions site here.

The Denver Vinyl Search is On

The Denver Vinyl Search is On

Bobby “G” – Boss Jock

Bobby G - KZKO On-Line Oldies Jock

Bobby G – KZKO On-Line Oldies Jock

I stopped by Bobby G’s (Robert Gonzales) booth with my friend Larry Higgins and we had a great chat.  Bobby is deeply immersed in the local vinyl and music scene and he possess a tremendous ability to recall the names, places and songs from Denver’s musical history.  Bobby grew up in Denver and is an early alumni of Denver’s Manual High School.  Bobby states that he was in the second Manual High graduating class.

I asked Bobby what his trade was “back in the day”.  The short answer is just about everything and in fact, Bobby’s “back in the day” continues to this day.  He continues to work currently teaching insurance courses at a local college and hosting his own oldies but goodies show on Denver radio station KZKO “The Vibe” On-Line Radio every Saturday from 10 a.m. until 12 noon.  The KZKO Web Site features podcasts of Bobby’s past shows.

I obtained the great photo below of a very young Jerry Corbetta on the drums – later of the Colorado group Sugarloaf and an inductee into the Colorado Music Hall of Fame.  Not sure who accompanies Jerry – Perhaps his mother?

North Denver's Jerry Corbetta

North Denver’s Jerry Corbetta

Robbie Music

Joel and Robbie

Joel and Robbie Scherzer

One of my favorite Colorado couples in the record business were on hand -husband and wife team Joel and Robbie Scherzer out of Pueblo, Colorado.  They are a great couple to talk with – both with a rich history to share.  Robbie and Joel maintain a very rich offering of vinyl on their EBay store and also a local business by appointment.  Visit my Record Store to contact Robbie and Joel.

Radio DJ Pat Downey


I joined my friend George “Doc” Krieger along with Larry Higgins meeting up with local Boss Jock Pat Downey formerly of radio station KBCO-FM.  Pat spun platters through the 1980’s into the early 1990’s on the station.  Today he hosts a web site “” offering both free music and music for purchase as well as a chat area, reviews and interesting links.

Pat had many musical memories to share with us.  His own focused musical interests include a love of folk music from back in the day an no doubt up to the present.  Visit Pat’s web site here.

Larry Higgins

Higgins - Downey - Krieger

Higgins – Downey – Krieger

It’s always a treat hooking up with Larry.  He was a drummer by trade recording and performing with Freddy and The Hitchhikers, Milt Watson’s Wildest Clan, and The Gigolos (sometimes called Milt Watson and the Gigolos).  Those three groups all recorded on Denver’s Band Box Records.

Larry brought along two old acetate test pressings with him to the show for me to digitize.  He located a kind vendor with a turntable and a set of headphones and so we were able to identify the four tracks – all performed by The Gigolos.

Of these four tracks only “Don’t Let the Sun Catch You Crying” (not Gerry and Pacemakers version) made it onto an official Band Box release – Band Box 296 b/w “Twist Around the Clock”.  “Blues in J” was logged in on the Band Box master index as Band Box 297 – but was never released according to Higgins.  That song was due to be backed with “Dark Shadows”.



Larry also was the drummer for a very popular local group in the 1960’s – The Daleks who performed at Sam’s 3.2 night club on top of Lookout Mountain.

Larry shared stories about his musical ventures which included performing with or in association with Jimmy Bowen (“I’m Stickin’ With You” and a top record industry record producer), the late Donnie Brooks (“Doll House” – “Mission Bell”), Bobby Vee, Sonny Charles and The Checkmates, The Ventures and more.  My favorite story is when Larry was working with a band out-of-state and was approached by an up and coming British artist, Eric Burden.

The Animals had just hit with “House of the Rising Son”.  Eric had listened to Larry perform and so they had lunch together and Eric said he wanted to introduce Larry to another group’s traveling manager.  It was a British duo who’s drummer had suddenly departed during their U.S. tour.  The duo was Chad and Jeremy.  Larry politely declined.  He was in love at the time.  Oh, well.  Maybe next time!

George “Doc” Krieger

Doc Krieger

Doc Krieger

George Krieger as many of you know is the “Rock and Roll Dentist” who currently is hosting the great rock Blog site “Rock ‘N’ Roll Reviews and Trivia”


Wax Trax Records

Denver's Famed Wax Trax

Denver’s Famed Wax Trax

Co-owner Dave Stidman and his crew were busy staffing the prime vinyl booth of the event once again.  Dave continues to locate vast amounts of great vinyl of all genres for both the Expos as well as the store located at 638 East 13th Avenue in Denver’s Capitol Hill district.  Visit the Wax Trax web site.

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