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The Amazing 45 Cat!

September 27, 2015

Home for the World’s 7-inch Vinyl
(and much more)

The 45 Cat is a global vinyl data base which started off in the U.K. through the efforts of hobbyists Colin Roger and Alan Hake.  I have always been curious about the origins of this wonderful vinyl data base and recently I made contact with Alan who promptly forwarded the attached article which was composed by Simon Berkovitch.

The 45 Cat - Vinyl Paradise

The 45 Cat – Vinyl Paradise

The “Cat” features discographies for vinyl releases from throughout the world event though the original target was simply the U.K.  Today virtually every country in the world is represented by 100’s of contributors who to-date have logged in over 650,000 entries.

The site was launched by Hake and Rogers officially in 2008 concentrating on U.K. 7-inch releases.  Today the site has expanded to include long plays, 78 RPM’s, sheet music, CD’s, tapes, movies, memorabilia and more – seemingly a new category every time I log into the site.

Membership is free.  Editing and commenting is highly encourage and this has made the “Cat” a premiere historical resource for music of every type.  Moderators who control entries are all-volunteer.  Messaging between members is private and forums are public.

So read the fascinating story behind the truly marvelous and amazing 45 Cat:

Read the 45 Cat Story Here

Visit and Join The 45 Cat

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