From the Land of Band Box Records

Duncan Tuck – Band Box Contract Winner

November 6, 2015

1968 KOA Radio Contest

Had to share these two photos which were sent to me by Colorado DJ/Collector/Local Music Historian – Lisa Wheeler.  I interviewed Duncan a few years back regarding his musical career which was “launched” by his first place finish in a 1968 contest sponsored by Denver radio station KOA.  The prize was a recording contract with Band Box Records, Vicky Morosan’s West Denver label – my favorite label of all-time!

KOA Contest Competitor Tuck

KOA Contest Competitor Tuck

Tuck laid down two tracks at his session and was scheduled to do another session.  That session never took place.  Duncan headed off to college.  But Duncan remained true to his love of music, recording over time on several labels and releasing some high quality music, including many of his own compositions.

First Prize!

First Prize!

As I relate on my “Duncan Tuck” bio page, Duncan recalled that when his songs were played back for him there was an audible “humming” sound on the track called “Waterside” which was not corrected by the Band Box studio engineer, and released “as is”.

Band Box 391 - Tuck, Duncan - WatersideBand Box 391 - Tuck, Duncan - Cold and Dusty Morning

Duncan continues to perform today in Colorado and travels internationally performing on cruise ship tours.  Lisa Wheeler is recently returned to Colorado from a stint in Texas.  She now resides in Colorado Springs where she continues to author her two Colorado Blogs: Pueblo City Limits and North of Pueblo.  Lisa has also jumped right back into the game here in Colorado now hosting a weekly Colorado music program on Colorado Springs’ radio station KCMJ.  Click on the images below to pay a visit.





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