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Pink Floyd is the New Pink Cloud

November 12, 2015

Miss Clairol What Did You Do?

What I really enjoy about being a member of the “45 CAT” (45 catalog) is the rich exchange between members.  There is probably more history packed into this vibrant on-line vinyl data base than all the publications, books and articles ever written.  I found this one very interesting because it depicts a great exchange relating to a simple picture sleeve (shown here) which was apparently accompanied by the very intriguing Tower single.  Tower was the very early record label to feature “The Pink Floyd” starting back in 1967 when the group began their journey.

PINK CLOUD - 1967 11 A PINK CLOUD - 1967 11 B


45 CAT A: I’m sure neither of these Clairol girls were in The Pink Cloud, but they put me on Cloud Nine. They are definitely the best thing about this record….

45 CAT B: The One on the Front of the Sleeve looks like one of the Cool Blondes from the DairyBox Add. Just had 30 DVD’s each has over 200 adds on them and all are Every British Advert from the very first “SR Toothpaste In the Ice Block” up to the Present. Some have different lengths to them IE: The full 2mins then 1.30mins then 1.min then 30seconds. And those Board games who bought any of those. Smith Crisps with Simon Dee showing the record. Kelloggs Records In picture sleeves. H.

45 CAT C: What is the connection to Tower 376? I don’t see anything on the “picture sleeve” — Tower logo, catalogue no., fine print, etc. — to indicate it was issued with this single.

45 CAT A IN RESPONSE TO 45 CAT C: The obvious link is the title “Midnight Sun” — Clairol has / had a product called Midnight Sun, I think it was a hair conditioner / shampoo / dye? This record came with this sleeve when you bought that product (at least that is what I was told by the woman from whom I purchased this package in the early/mid ’70’s).

45 CAT C IN RESPONSE TO 45 CAT A: The coincidence of the record title and the name of the hair treatment product (oddly no mention of Clairol, either) is just that. While I don’t doubt the explanation you were given, the sleeve is still not an actual Tower/Capitol sleeve.  The 1967 Clairol ad and Pink Cloud “Midnight Sun” record depicted at http://1track-mind.tumblr.com/page/2 (4th item from the top) looks noticeably different from Tower 376.

45 CAT A IN RESPONSE TO 45 CAT C: The song played on the link you posted is the same song that’s on the Tower 376 “A” Track. Your link also states that there is a Clairol connection to this “Midnight Sun” record by The Pink Cloud. If these two don’t belong together we’ll let the mods sort it out… I just know I bought them together, and in my opinion they belong together (which is why I added them).

(and finally) 45 CAT D: Michel Ruppli’s Capitol discography tells me this is Pink Floyd so you actually have a super rarity here. Anyway an example of a glaring typo in an otherwise fairly reliable publication. Both tracks apparently recorded in L.A. July 6 1967. David Lucas’s D’Lisa Music formed a “Concept Development Workshop Laboratory” to encourage young writers according to Billboard but Pink Floyd fans probably wouldn’t be impressed.

My 45 CAT Comment:

My contribution to all of this: is in checking the Tower Records 45 discography on Global Dog Productions, I “discovered” that Pink Floyd record the two sides shown below on November 2nd, 1967.  The catalog number places these tracks extremely close to The Pink Cloud! Yikes!  And as far as being a “rarity” – might be but the Pink Cloud single is readily available for $20 or under.  Finally listening to the track at the above link – I can’t even imagine that any part of the recording could be Pink Floyd.  Sounds more like the Ray Coniff Singers along with The Wrecking Crew and God who knows what/who else!


Early Pink Floyd

67-07 - PINK FLOYD B 67-07 - PINK FLOYD A

67-07 - PINK FLOYD C 67-07 - PINK FLOYD D

68-06 - PINK FLOYD B 68-06 - PINK FLOYD A


Pink Floyd - Tower - The Piper at the Gates Pink Floyd - Tower - A Saucerful of Secrets

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