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“Katie” Radio: Denver’s KTLK

February 11, 2016

1280 on the AM Dial in Denver

KTLK started off as KTLN, featuring a Top 40 format and challenging Denver leader KIMN.  The station had it’s ups and downs changing formats here and there.  During the early 1970’s the station continued featuring a Top 40 and this continued through the remainder of the decade.  In March of 1978 the station paired down it’s play list to a Top 30 format. I’ve managed to round up several survey sheets from the 1970’s decade for this page.  Eventually the station would become KVDO.

KTLK featured itself as “Denver’s Double K” initially in the early 1970’s then in November of 1976 moved to the moniker “Rockin’ The Rockies”.  That was then dropped in May of 1977 with nothing taking it’s place until September 10th, 1978 when “K-T Denver’s All Hit Music” appeared with the additional “Just Say ‘K-T’ 1280 (Katy – 1280)” added to promote the slogan. In very short order (a few weeks later) “Katy” was modified to “Katie” perhaps all as a past nod to KIMN’s “Just Call Me KIM”.  Visit the new KTLK page to view 100’s of weekly survey sheets from 1970 into the early 1980’s.

KTLK Jocks

Here are several survey sheet backs featuring a few of the jocks who passed through radio station KTLK.

KTLK 73-01-27 B KTLK 73-05-19_0001 (deleted 9d06a9be600fb83bb32b27c61a501ddc) KTLK 73-07-14_0001 (deleted fc1730f43ea9a68d690f8dd9158a7100) KTLK 74-02-16_0001 (deleted ef951ac03dad49036a38cb9c88a74fac) KTLK 74-03-02_0001 (deleted a0d71a63777e91140ee286130407255c) KTLK 74-08-17_0001 (deleted 2de57078d7b5f80f2128ea879f276403) KTLK 74-08-31_0001 (deleted 2b54c39dd2f366a8a2dc9d7e18c5294e) KTLK 74-09-14_0001 (deleted c4fb90f998f508a48e2a13203949165b) KTLK 74-10-28_0001 (deleted d334310427fe9906ecc23b45d30f663d) KTLK 74-11-18_0001 (deleted 20f2cc17b36d05875f715a5b8851bad4) KTLK 74-12-02_0001 (deleted b374abc43185de1e7982b0d591be1dae) KTLK 75-01-13_0001 (deleted 73e3ed434443475459ac831ca5443c13) KTLK 75-02-17_0001 (deleted 25344730631ec2fd164a181e35426ca7) KTLK 75-05-19_0001 (deleted 2cb3db707c90f3066e409bd2bf36c48c) KTLK 75-11-17_0001 (deleted 76ca2729ddbf029885b5f0106369f564) KTLK 76-02-02_0001 (deleted f74729dc158a6b68e2d65fd0ace0ba08) KTLK 76-07-05_0001 (deleted 2e7cfff2d2493a4cfcd72962c1316138) KTLK 76-07-19_0001 (deleted 1bc36a2daa2b0617b8957dc5b3dd43f9) KTLK 77-02-07_0001 (deleted 9b0b2822acad6ca1fb8b346491579ae2) KTLK 77-03-21_0001 (deleted 51f6bb4199c95960547d943ab26a3f03) KTLK 77-04-04_0001 (deleted 1892f9bde961243109890db4aa2dc10e) KTLK 77-05-16_0001 (deleted 1f4697053761b712ecb7855d6f72ad6a) KTLK 77-05-23_0001 (deleted bfe911cf4a23995acf2ecf7bfd801785)

One Comment

  1. Love it! I haven’t seen a board with old fashioned dials instead of sliders in I don’t know how long. And many of us who worked in radio still have old promo’s and stuff on those tapes that look like 8-track cartridges. It’s kind of a shame that there’s no place to play ’em anymore!

    Brian McFadden

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