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April 18, 2016

“I Saw The Light”

I_Saw_The_LightYesterday in Denver was a cold snowy Spring day.  And so I went to the movies.

“I Saw the Light” stars Tom Hiddleston as Hank Williams.  What a special day this was for me as I took a trip back in time beginning in the early 1940’s when Hank and his sweetheart Audrey Sheppard (Elizabeth Olsen) are just starting out in a small local honky-tonk in Alabama.

The sound track is perfect, hints of Hank’s genius here and there, migrating into full renditions of his great songs initially at local venues, then Nashville, and eventually achieving his dream – The Grand Ole Opry.  Hiddleston is simply and plainly Hank Williams during this little-over two hour glimpse back in time.  The only role I remember Hiddleston in was Woody Allen’s “Midnight in Paris” where the Brit portrays F. Scot Fitzgerald.  Hiddleston worked with country singer Rodney Crowell rehearsing his guitar skills and his singing with astonishing results (there are no musical references in his bio).

The critics (including Hank Williams III) weren’t all crazy about “I Saw the Light”.  But I was.  As with Buddy Holly, I could only wonder … where would western music have ventured had he not departed at the age of 29.

I_Saw_The_Light 2 I_Saw_The_Light 3

Hiddleston & Williams

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