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It’s a KIMN COMER!! – Part 2

May 10, 2016

“Just Call Me ‘KIM'”


“A String of Trumpets” from May, 1959 on KIMN Radio by The Trumpeteers

The Trumpeteers were a vocal & instrumental band directed by Billy Mure.  This was their only Hot 100 entry topping off at number 64.  Members included Joe Johnson, Raleigh Tunrage, Joseph Armstrong and James Keels.  They also recorded on the Nashboro, Imperial and Sav-A-Soul labels.

1959 05-04 #38



“Young Ideas” from June, 1959 on KIMN Radio by Chico Holiday

Chico’s birth name was Ralph Vergolino.  He was a native of Wisconsin.  “Young Ideas” charted in the Spring of 1959 on the Hot 100 at number 74 with a chart run of six weeks.  This was his first recording to be released.  He would stay with RCA Victor through the end of 1959 releasing several more unsuccessful singles. He also recorded on the New Phoenix, Coral, Karate and Shamley labels, finishing up his recording career at the end of the 1960’s.  “Young Ideas” was penned by country singer Sonny James.

1959 06-01 #34

Chico Holiday

Chico Holiday

“Why” from June, 1959 on KIMN Radio by Garry Lee

This one’s a total mystery – not having landed on the Hot 100, nor “Bubbling Under” or anywhere nationally.  It got a little play in Stockton, California and Philadelphia, PA – and WMGM in New York reaching number 30 on May 4th, 1959. Here is some speculation from “Mickey Rat”:

“Was this recorded in Phoenix AZ? Desert Palms Pub. Co. (BMI) was owned by Connie Conway & Jimmy Wilcox in Phoenix (3703 North 7th Street, Phoenix in 1956). Gary Paxton & Clyde Battin were recording in Phoenix in 1959 and their big Skip & Flip hit (credited to Desert Palms/Trinity too) came out on Bob Shad’s Brent label in New York (Time records was also Bob Shad). Trinity of course was New York based and evolved into T-M Music Inc. a little later with Bobby Darin part-ownership. Anyway I wouldn’t rule out Gary Paxton involvement here.”

(Also displaying the “Garry Lee and Showdown” single referenced above.)

1959 06-01 #37GARRY LEE

“Everybody Out’ta The Pool” from June, 1959 on KIMN Radio by The Lifeguards

Here’s a fun novel instrumental being performed by non-other than Haley’s famous Comets without Mr. Bill in 1959.  No national attention for this one at all.  The song was initially released on the Casa Blanca label.  The song was penned by Frank Pingatore who had for a time been Bill Haley’s barber and was an aspiring composer.

Pingatore composed a song recorded by the Beatles – “Clarabella” released in 1979 appearing on a very obscure European release.  He also wrote “Happy Baby” recorded by Haley and the Comets as well as several other artists.  Other songs included “Itty-Bitty” (Steve Gibson and Rep Caps), and “Calypso Rock” by the Mike Pedicin Quartet.

1959 06-01 #42COMETS POOL

“Take Me Along” from October, 1959 on KIMN Radio by Lonnie Sattin

Lonnie was originally from Jacksonville, FL but grew up in Philadelphia PA – This song failed to chart nationally and he only managed one moment in the sun with his “I’ll Fly Away” at #103 in the summer of 1960.  Lonnie fronted his own orchestra and started recording in 1956 on the Capitol label.  Over the years he also recorded on Decca, Sunbeam and Scepter.  And yes, “Take Me Along” was adapted by a 1960’s commercial airlines theme song advertisement – United Airlines to be exact in 1967.  Maybe the song received air play in Denver on KIMN because United had a major hub here in Denver!  United’s version by the Ray Charles Singers also failed to chart.  My wife used to sing the United Theme to me whenever I would have to travel on business.  Love that gal!  Lonnie’s rendition was a finger popper!

1959 10-28 #36SATTIN 04


“Take Me Along” on Youtube (below)

“The Hunch” from October, 1959 on KIMN Radio by the Bobby Peterson Quintet

The five guys were a jazz and R&B combo out of Chester, PA.  Members included Bobby Peterson ( piano), Joe Pyatt (sax), Chico Green (bass), David Butler (drums) and Jamo Thomas (percussion).  Jamo charted in 1962 with “I Spy (for the FBI)’ which reached number 98. “The Hunch” topped out at number 71.  Peterson charted solo on V-Tone with “Irresistible You” (#96 in October of 1960).  Bobby Darin would take it to number 15 about a year later in 1961.

1959 10-28 #44


“Home Again” from October, 1959 on KIMN Radio by Jackie Curtiss

Jackie Curtiss was sort of an old school all-around performer appearing in Vegas and also working a a part of a comedy duo with Bill Tracy.  In an interview Curtiss claimed that one of his singles “Cececilia” sold a million copies – Interesting, since the novelty record failed to chart.

From the 45 Cat: “I was looking for a label because I did the four sides myself and paid for them. It was a lot of money in those days. It cost $2200 to do four sides. I went to [Dynasty] and they were going to put it out because they didn’t have to put up any money or do anything. They put it on their label and they went fast and furious. They had a girl named Gloria Henry and they did a song with her that made a lot of money. This whole thing only lasted a couple months. We went back to the office and all of a sudden – closed! No office. No nothing. They just disappeared. With the money.”

Here is an entire interview with Jackie Curtiss.

1959 10-28 #46


“Little Blonde Girl” from October, 1959 on KIMN Radio by Don French

Described by one critic as “rock-a-billy” and by a challenger as strictly “pop” don’t know that it matters much.  The record failed to chart nationally.  French was born in 1940 in Wayne, Pennsylvania – and didn’t quit his day job – becoming a stock-broker and fading completely from the recording scene.  He charted once with a song called “Lonely Saturday Night” (#72 in 1959) on the Hot 100.

1959 10-28 #50

Stock Broker French

Stock Broker French

“Marina” from November, 1959 on KIMN Radio 1st version by Rocco Granata & The International Quintet – 2nd versi0n by Willy Alberti

“Marina” was Rocco’s only Hot 100 Hit topping at #31 in 1959 with an 11 week run on the charts.  Rocco was born in Italy – moved to Belgium at a young age then migrated to the U.S.  The Willy Alberti version competed on both the national charts and on KIMN – It reached number 42 for Willy.  It was also his only Hot 100 appearance.  Willy’s real name was “Carel Verbrugge and he was from Amsterdam.  He died of cancer in 1985 at the age of 58.

1959 11-18 #18 TIE 1959 11-18 #18


“Fancy Nancy” from November, 1959 on KIMN Radio by Skip and Flip

This was a rather obscure chart record for Skip and Flip of “Cherry Pie” and “It Was I Fame”.  Skip was Clyde Batton who later spelled his last name “Battyn”.  He later joined the Byrds, The New Riders of the Purple Sage and The Flying Burrito Brothers.  “Flip” the performer, producer and composer – Gary Paxton of the Hollywood Argyles. “Fancy Nancy” reached number 71 in 1959 wedged between “It Was I” and “Cherry Pie” which both reached number 11.

1959 11-18 #35SKIP AND FLIP

“What a Night” from November, 1959 on KIMN Radio by The Chippendales

“What a Night” was the B side of this record by the Chippendales with “Drip Drop” being the intended hit record.  The song was introduced by Cleveland area DJ’s.  A fellow Posted on Youtube that he played guitar and sang the lead on this but did not identify himself.  He shared that a Bobby Dreeben played bass on “What a Night” and that a Howard Odell may have also played and sang on the track.  The song failed to chart nationally.

1959 11-18 #47


  1. I absolutely love all the great info you dig up on some of these obscure recordings, and often the artists are favorites of mine. As a kid trying to learn to play rock piano, I bought any Bobby Peterson records I could get my hands on. “The Hunch” was a favorite along with “Piano Rock.” I also just loved the look of the V-Tone label!


    • We were really isolated here in the Mile High City – but the KIMN Jocks had some gumption and somehow pushed some very interesting items over the local airwaves

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