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Colorado Tidbits

May 13, 2016

Colorado Vinyl/Music Mafia’s Spontaneous Gathering

Denver’s vinyl haven Wax Trax was the site of a spontaneous meeting of several members of the Colorado Vinyl/Music Mafia.  Here we have George “Doc” Krieger, “Brother” Dave Stidman (owner of Wax Trax), “Band Box 244, and newly inducted honorary member Fred “The Sleeve” Hoyt (from California)  posing arm-in-arm – about to break out in a four-part harmony version of “Can’t Stand to Be in Love With You”.


A Word About Binx Selby on Band Box

I picked up a copy of the Band Box Ethnological Music Series pressing, titled “Music of Northern Morocco.  I paid a little more attention to the liner notes:  “The strange combination of religious and social aspects of Ramadhan is reflected in the love songs on side one….. as compared to the ancient religious songs from Tetuan on side two.”

And – here we have good old Band Box on the leading edge of the “movement to legalize the evil weed” three and one-half decades ahead of it’s time “Kif is the Moroccan word for a form of Marihuana (yes “Marihuana”) smoked in a pipe with a long wood stem and a small clay bowl on the end.”  And how ironic is it that all these years later that the old Band Box studio in North Denver know features this very same “Kif”!


Freaky Friday

The Old Kif at Band Box

The Old Kif at Band Box

“To My Way of Thinking, There’s Only Four: K-I-M-N” No More!

Found this 10-Inch long play this week in Netherland – a collection of little ditties promoting Nabisco’s “Salad Wafers” (five pack) – locally produced just for KIMN Radio – The singer on these jingles reminds me of the guy in the Motel 6 commercials when he “sings” about leaving the light on for us.


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