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May 17, 2016

Halls Of Fame

I just completed rounding up all of the music hall of fames from both the various State and national sources as possible and built a page for them.  Rock – Jazz – Gospel – Country and general State Music Hall of Fames are all included.

(Visit the new Hall of Fame/s listing pages)

I took a closer look at Alabama’s Music Hall of Fame and took an interest in two of the inductee acts in particular, those being The Blind Boys of Alabama and The Temptations.  (Click on the photos below to visit the links)


The Blind Boys of Alabama


From the Hall: “The Original Blind Boys of Alabama were formerly known as the Happy Land Singers. The attention of the public was first fixed on the Blind Boys in 1939 while they were still attending school, and were members of the chorus at Alabama Institute for the Deaf and Blind at Talledega. They were in great demand throughout the South for their soul-stirring gospel performances. The originator of the group was Velma Traylor, who was killed in an accident in November in 1947 in Blowing Spring, Georgia. The group consists of Clarence Fountain, George Scott, Olice Thomas and Johnny Fields.”

The Blind Boys started off as the Happy Land Singers and all but one were actually blind.  The current group does have four blind members including an original member, Jimmy Carter.  They are supported by four other musicians.  For most of their amazing run, they remained true to the Gospel genre, finally releasing their first mainstream LP.

The Temptin’ Temps


I was surprised to learn about the origins of the Temptations, but shouldn’t have been.  So many famous singers and musicians from Michigan, and Detroit in particular, migrated to the industrial North from the deep South to scratch out a better living.

From the Alabama Hall: “The original lineup, Melvin Franklin (Montgomery, Alabama), Otis Williams (Texas), Paul Williams (Birmingham, Alabama), Eddie Kendricks (Birmingham, Alabama), and David Ruffin, joined forces in Detroit after being involved with different music groups for several years. Originally signed to Motown, Berry Gordy Jr. put Smokey Robinson in charge as the Temptations producer in 1964 and the hits started.”





  1. Pretty amazing list, Craig! A few, like New Mexico, are sparse (to be generous), but lots of these are worth hours of perusal.

    A quick note: there is another Hall of Fame in Rhode Island: the Rhode Island Pop Music Hall of fame – http://www.ripopmusic.org/ – which goes deeper into several artists not on the one you indicate. Interestingly, my old band, Benefit Street, is acknowledged in this latter group. (Not to toot my own horn – well, OK, I’m tooting!) Among them/us are Gerry Granahan/Dickie Doo, John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band (RI’s “answer” to Bruce Springsteen) and jazz trumpeter Bobby Hackett. Lots of music came from that funky little state!!!

    Thanks for all the hard work you put into this blog; I for one really enjoy it!

    Country Paul

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