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June 26, 2016

Fritz Schmutz and Argust “Hank” Jarman records surface

I received some interesting emails this past week, the first from Rolf Meister in Switzerland, who located two not-seen-previously records or at least a record and a sleeve.  Both items are shown below.  One was a sleeve only and the second a 45 only, both rescued from a Swiss second had shop.  Who knows?  Maybe Fritz Schmutz returned to Switzerland with the 45’s or maybe he mailed them home to his parents back in the 1960’s.

At any rate – Rolf was kind enough to send the images our way to join the Band Box listings.



The second email came in from Alia Rodriques of Tustin, California.  She wrote:

“Hi I found a couple records at an estate sale this weekend. Researching online I found this site. The artist name is “Argust Jarman” and I don’t see him listed here, but I do see a “Hank Jarman” listed and it says the LP’s have not surfaced. I believe I may have demos, as they don’t have the band box logo on them, but a label written with a typewriter. The logo is just black bold letters”.  And she followed this with “So glad I could be of service to help close out a mystery. I love researching and solving things.  I’m not a record collector really, but I do have a collection of records. I just really like old music. I was in a band called “The Dustbowl Revival” here in LA (Venice, CA) from 2009-2011. They are still touring, you would probably like them, and they do play Denver!

I lived in Denver from 2001-2005 in Cheesman Park and Poet’s Row. I went to CU Denver and MSCD, after living in Steamboat Springs for 3 years. Previous to that I lived in Loveland, CO. Split my time between parents there and my dad in Honolulu, HI.

At the vintage shop (it’s across the street from my house in a shopping center here in Tustin and the owner passed away recently.  Additionally, I searched “Argust Jarman” online and found some family tree info fairly easily.  It would appear he was born in 1905, and deceased in 1968. He must have recorded this within 10 years of passing then? (NOTE: Jarman recorded his tracks on Band Box in 1965 – The two test pressings located by Alia are the first evidence of his full recording session that I have seen).

Alia provided research links tracking the Jarman family.  It appears that they lived for a time in Colorado Springs and thus that was the time period for “Hank” to have recorded on Band Box.  Based on Alia’s research Hank recorded in Denver when he was already 60 years of age.

Argust Jarman Side A Record 1 Argust Jarman Side B Record 2

Jarman’s “Mule Skinner Blues” appears on rock-a-billy CD collections today.

I spoke with local Denver honky tonk guitar player Gene Harrell recently and asked him whether or not he had ever came across Hank Jarman back in the 1960’s when Gene was performing around Denver and recording with Blackie Minor at Jim Ward’s CLW Records.  Gene immediately said he did recall the name and was nearly certain that he played with him at some venue in the Denver area.  Gene also believes that he remembers Hank as being totally blind.  Someone will have to corroborate this at some point.


  1. Of related interest: http://www.45worlds.com/vinyl/album/nc129697us – but you’re probably already aware of this. Still just an acetate, but it probably involved some re-splicing and re-ordering of the master tape.

    So there was a single, but I’ve never heard it. Was it any good? (I tried to find a more diplomatic way of asking that, but couldn’t come up with it!)

    Jarman apparently passed on in Missouri – or at least that was the last place he lived: http://death-records.mooseroots.com/d/n/Argust-Jarman Of interest: “Argust” is possibly a mis-spelling – or perhaps the reverse is true. Nonetheless, here’s the same info for August Jarman, including family: http://www.mytrees.com/ancestry-family/ro004047-2254-17416/August-Jarman-Born-1905-in-Missouri.html

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