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Primo Picture Sleeve Guide Premieres!

August 24, 2016

The Wonderful World of Vintage Record Picture Sleeves

The long-awaited “Picture Sleeves Record Guide – 7″ Records with Picture Sleeves from the 50s and 60s” has hit the marketplace in an impressive two-volume set.

The guides are the handicraft of Germany’s  Zimmermann brothers – Horst & Heinz-Otto, teaming up with former teacher/U.S. record collector/vinyl historian/picture sleeve expert extraordinaire, Fred Hoyt out of California.


The focus of this set is firmly on the 1950’s and 1960’s, singles only (no extended plays here).  This dual alpha-listing set is a dream-come-true for pursuers and lovers of the 45 picture sleeve – so comprehensive, so-well organized, complete with label numbers, year of release – and REALISTIC value ranges – a real-improvement over former attempts.  The two-set volume features over 8,000 items (760 pages) and is displayed in living color!  For practical reasons children’s records, religious records, dance records and extended plays are not included.  I could only imagine what an undertaking it would be to document those genre’s.

No 1970’s and beyond here – and that is fine by me.  With the exception of some of the very early 1970’s sleeves, the spirit of the 45 picture sleeve was mostly diminished as an art form after the departure of the sixties.  Not to discount the 70’s but that can be a nice little project for another time – another team of collectors.

To order books Heinz Zimmermann recommends  using the flyer posted below to make direct contact with them to place an order.  You can also try checking EBay Books – where I do see sets currently being offered on-line.


These guides are fun – plain and simple.  All of the mainstream artists are here but so are the obscure and undiscovered from girl groups, to instrumentals, to garage, and much more including some great bonus features such as a presentation of many “flip sides”, a listing of “missing sleeves” (perhaps you have one of these) and one of my favorite features – local sleeves such as my own beloved Band Box, Finer Arts and CLW sleeves (and more) all out of Colorado no-less.

My hat goes off the to Z-Z and Fred (whom I had the pleasure of meeting earlier this summer here in Colorado)!  A big thanks for your contribution to the Love!

(Click on these images to view listing details)


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