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Colorado 1960’s Bands Emerge

October 1, 2016

The Blues Syndicate

It was nice to hear recently from Erv Trujillo from the Greeley based group “The Blues Syndicate”.  This was one of my “lost” 1960’s Colorado bands.

From Erv: “I played trumpet and then bass for the band “Blues Syndicate” in Greeley CO back in ’67 through ’70. In 69, the band changed names to “Another Way” and we played in Loveland, Estes Park, Boulder. Some of the members I knew were, Ted Worth, drums, Rod Seeley, organ, Harry Booker, vocals, Eddie, vocals and Mike Osborne, guitar.”

The Garfield Air Mattress/The Tuesday Club/Fargo (Grand Junction)

I was nice to come across an great article on “Garage Hangover” on this group who originated out of Grand Junction.  The original members were Daryll Cooper, Bruce Lambert, Pete Frease, Terry Tezak, and Tony Decker. Upon the departure of Tezak and Lambert, Dean Wilden joined from Utah.  Most members of the group attended Mesa College in Grand Junction with the exception of Bruce Lambert who was attending Grand Junction High School when they formed in 1966. They would later become “The Tuesday Club” signing a national recording contract with Mercury and with a release on the Philips record label in 1967.


On to The Tuesday Club

The group would depart Colorado for a time moving to Amarillo, Texas where they would cut their Philips single as The Tuesday Club employing the services of Coloradoan Marty Cooper who produced, composed and performed nationally (see the Marty Cooper listing in this site).  Cooper was a member of “The Shacklefords” along with singer/songwriter Lee Hazelwood.


The Philips single managed to chart for a time on Grand Junction’s KEXO radio station Top 40 weekly survey in August of 1967.  Lambert and Tezak departed returning to Colorado, Dean Wilden came in from a group called “Maudz Only” out of Utah – an earlier garage group which included Tony Decker at the time when he was growing up in Salt Lake City.  Next, Cooper and Frease departed to be replaced by Randle Potts on drums for a time then he gave way to another drummer, Bob Holman.



And Finally, Fargo

Fargo evolved out of The Tuesday Club in 1968 and released one single on Capitol Records. Their Capitol recording was also produced by Marty Cooper.  In 1969 the group released an LP on the RCA Label titled “I See It Now”.  The final lineup for Fargo was a trio who included Decker along with drummer Bob and Dean Wilden.  In 1969 they recorded an LP for RCA Victor titled “I See It Now”.  Wilden and Holden remain active in music today and do stay in touch with each other.


fargo-rca-lp-a fargo-rca-lp-b


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