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October 31, 2016

Iowa’s “The Contents Are” Arrive in Colorado


tabernash-02This group migrated to the mile high state as the 1960’s gave way to the 70’s where they performed for a brief time.  Members had evolved from an Iowa garage band call “The Contents Are”who released two 45’s in 1967 and 1969 respectively on the ROK label in Iowa.

In Colorado, they changed their name to “Tabernash” whose members included Mick Orton on bass, Dave Neumann on lead guitar, Craig Hute on second lead guitar and Paul Staack on drums.  All but Orton were original members of “The Contents Are”.  Orton provided this information to the “Garage Hangover” web site:

“By the time we moved to Colorado, we were trying to emulate Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, The Allman Brothers and Steely Dan. All of the band but me wanted to do “non-commercial” stuff. My feeling was, if it’s non-commercial, who is going to buy it?

When we moved to Westminster, Colorado, our first house, we all lived under one roof: Craig, Marianne, their young son Aaron, Dave, Paul and me. Eventually the girlfriends from Davenport came out; Teresa for Dave and Pam for me. Paul met Dave’s cousin, Donna. Everyone split up to have their own households.

We didn’t play much, so I had to get a job working in factories. Lange Skis was hiring, so I ended up running a bunch of riveting machines and met our eventual road guy, John Zimmer (now deceased). He introduced us to his friend, Clay who also helped out. There also was Colin who did our sound.

We were playing very little when Jon Ludtke called me to join Silver Laughter. I guess my leaving broke up Tabernash. We never recorded any music, I am sorry to say.”



Ortin and Stacck found their way back to Iowa where, in the mid 1970’s, they would join a group called “Silver Laughter” which did manage a recording contract on the “Fanfare” label, releasing two long play albums  and three 45’s the last being released in 1978.

tabernash-01-05 tabernash-01-06 tabernash-01-07

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