From the Land of Band Box Records

Clapton’s Powerhouse

November 23, 2016

Early Super Group – One-Time Out

clapton-poerhouse-1 clapton-poerhouse-2

clapton-eric-powerhouse-elektra-74002 clapton-eric-powerhouse-elektra-74002_0001

In late 1965 and early 1966, supreme guitarist Eric Clapton assembled an talented line-up for a studio session which resulted in an Elektra Label release “What’s Shakin'” which included tracks by several acts including The Loving Spoonful, Tom Rush, Al Kooper and The Paul Butterfield Blues Band.

Powerhouse was a sort of forerunner to “Cream” – and included Clapton on guitar, Stevie Winwood doing vocals and performing under an alias as “Steve Anglo”, Pete York on Drums (Winwood and York coming from The Spencer Davis Group), Paul Jones on harmonica and Jack Bruce on bass, both from Manfred Mann, and Ben Palmer on piano.

Pete York took drummer Ginger Baker’s intended spot when Baker couldn’t make the session.  The session landed three tracks on the Elektra “What’s Shakin'” release: “I Want to Know” & “Crossroad” on side 1, and “Steppin’ Out” on side two.

Reportedly a fourth and still-to-this-day unreleased blues track was recorded.  “Crossroads” was first recorded by American blues musician Robert Johnson in 1936 and originally titled “Cross Road Blues”.  Clapton re-recorded the piece with his power trio “Cream” with Bruce and Baker in 1968.  The song charted and peaked at number 28.  The track appeared on Cream’s “Wheels of Fire” LP which hit the number 1 spot in the U.S. and held it for a month (4 weeks total).


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