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Colorado Post Christmas

December 27, 2016

Well for the ‘Season of Giving’ – That’s About It for Another Year….

Below is a publicity photo of Band Box artist Sandi Scott which Doc Krieger brought to my attention on EBay.  Sandi recorded two singles for Band Box in 1968.  She was about 15 years old at the time of her Band Box recordings.


She also released a long play on the Las Vegas International label entitled “Sandi – To Be Free & 18”, at the age of  18 (as the album states) in about 1971.  Liner notes refer to Sandi as “The Colorado Songbird” – She apparently also made the journey to Nashville to pursue her country music instincts where she recorded at least a couple of singles on the Cascade label.


Contempo 1654 - To Be Free R

Sandi enjoyed the services of several experienced studio musicians on this LP including drummer Tommy Amato who worked with Bobby Darin and Wayne Newton.  The producer on the session – Frank Hooper – had another Colorado tie composing and producing for Contempo Record artist Gianni Russo.

Contempo 1623 PS a - Russo, Gianni - Time Contempo 1623 - Russo, Gianni - Time

Sandi’s release on the Colorado Contempo label followed her Nashville releases in 1971 and that is the final word from her.

Wild On the Beach

Picked up this promotional photo of the Astronauts from their appearance in the 1965 motion picture “Wild On The Beach”.  The Astronauts, through their ties to RCA Victor Records, landed spots in a handful of teen genre West Coast movies, which proved to be a very lucrative source of income for the band.

Colorado's Astronauts - Wild On The Beach

Colorado’s Astronauts – Wild On The Beach


Randy King

Found a couple of additional singles by Colorado Country Music Hall of Fame member – the late Randy King.


king-randy-rival-3168-a_0001 king-randy-rival-3166-a

Twist & Shout Records

Twist and Shout – located in East Denver – puts out their own publication “My Back Pages” usually containing a little message from store owner Paul Epstein along with several music reviews.  The issue shown below in Winter 2016 – Epstein’s photo appears in the lower right hand corner of the Twist and Shout employee collage.




  1. Gianni played Carlo in The Godfather. Would be an interesting story to know that Colorado connection! Have a wonderful new year, Craig!

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