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February 21, 2017

A New Motown Narrative on the Scene

This is a fact-filled new narrative of the Motown dynasty, published in late 2016 and authored by Motown insider and promotional man Barney Ales with assistance from Adam White.

The photos and illustrations in this very large and very heavy volume are worth the time and of course many “insider” tales thanks to Barney who provides stories that were often new for me.  A little peculiar I found, was the opening “Prelude” chapter titled “The Fire This Time”, a 19-page chapter focusing on the 1967 Detroit riots in the inner city.  Seems like a topic for another volume, but the attempt is made here to somehow link Motown and it’s operatives with the 60’s turmoil.  Once the author has that out of his system then the book settles in very well with some tasty tales from the glory days.

I always lose interest in the Motown Saga when it arrives and is based in California.  Ho Hum.  But it is what it is.

And like I said, the graphics and photos contained in this 10 pound very hard to carry around or hold up while attempting to read in bed book, are worth – at least checking it out from your local library if the $50 price tag is a bit too steep (Amazon has it starting at $39 U.S. dollars.)

And PS – Adam White has great credentials, “editor-in-chief at Billboard, and coauthored The Billboard Book of No. 1 R&B Hits. He was vice president of communications at Universal Music Group International from 2002 to 2012.” – It is British edited all the way with complete with UK spelling.

One Comment

  1. We white guys didn’t notice at the time, but “Dancing in the Street” was a civil rights anthem thinly veiled – or at least it became one. And I’m with you – Motown was Detroit, not LA.

    I haven’t read the book, but it’s good to know it’s there!

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