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Paul Payton – Livin’ “The Dream”

March 18, 2017

From the American Dream to Presence (Productions)

My friend-in-music and frequent contributor to this site, Paul Payton, has indeed live and continue to live the life of music.  Over the years – via Paul’s official comments to this site, I was often intrigued by his background in the world of Rock and Roll (and Country, and…).  He has had so many rich experiences along the way from the time he joined up with a Providence, Rhode Island group, “The American Dream” in 1968 as a keyboardist.

The original band was named “The Slithy Toves” – extracted from Lewis Carroll reference, but so gave way to “The American Dream.  Prior to Paul’s arrival, the band would release a single on the East Coast “Bovi” record label.  The group would shuffle their line-up in 1969 becoming “Benefit Street” to separate themselves with another “American Dream” combo out of Philadelphia.

The group was obviously talented, coming very close to being signed by major labels, but it just didn’t quite come to pass.  They did perform with many note acts along the way including Janis Joplin, Edgar Winter, Sam & Dave, Deep Purple, Buddy Miles, Rhinoceros, Firesign Theater, The Stooges, the J. Geils Band and Manfred Mann Chapter III to name some.

Paul’s time as a DJ brought him into touch with many personalities and provided him with the foundation of a deep and rich knowledge of The Music!

Here is an extract from the group’s  biography relating to Paul Payton post 1960’s career: “Paul Payton resumed what became his long radio career as a Music Director and on-air personality in New England and a voice-over talent in New York. Never losing his love for music, he released three singles on Presence in the ‘80s and ‘90s under his own name and with The Fabulous Dudes, a doo-wop group, whose debut album on Presence was released during the winter of 2013. He continues to work with Rob Carlson & The Benefit Street Band, whose second album was released in the fall of 2015 on Presence.”

The American Dream – that Classic 60’s Look!

Click on the links below to read more about the group’s history as well as their current endeavors.

Contact Information for Paul Payton:

“Experienced voice-over talent, narrator, voice-actor; warm, personable, authoritative, high-energy or conversational as directed or self-directed for commercial, corporate, e-learning, training, documentaries, message-on-hold/IVR and all voice communications,  broadcast and non-broadcast.”

Phone: Office 973-701-0707 – Cell 973-879-0414 – e-mail: paul@paulpayton.com

Paul Payton – Far Right


  1. Hi, Craig,

    I just came back from Cuba and found that, while I was there, you made me a star on your blog!!! Many thanks for the unexpected encouragement!

    I don’t know how many followers you have, or if most (probably) just read an article and then go on, but I surely do appreciate the effort that goes into keeping this site alive and interesting – and as for replying, as someone said to me one, “If you don’ share, you’re not there!”

    Keep on rockin’, my friend!

    Best always,

  2. I should add – as I think I did in the part – that I have Denver ties, although tenuous. In the revolving-door year of 1974, I was a DJ on KBPI; I lasted 7 weeks and was told I was #48 in a two-year period to either quit or get fired! Four weeks later, another KBPI DJ who “sponsored” me out there got fired and was said to be #51! I subsequently did part-time work on the wonderfully eclectic KFML until, literally down to my last ten bucks, I got a call from my original Hartford, CT, progressive station, WHCN, that they had been sold and wanted me to come home!

    Ah, radio – almost as chancy as being a professional musician!

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