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Colorado Rocks with the Rock n’ Roll Dentist

April 14, 2017

From Pogo to Poco and Everyone In-Between

Another great article from Doc Krieger the ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll’ Dentist – this time the Colorado-roots band Poco from their early days forming out of “The Buffalo Springfield” and going back to “The Boenzee Cryque”, “The Poor” – with many side trips thrown in including “The Stone Canyon Band”, Richie Furay’s many sojourns, and much more.  The story has been updated from it’s original edition which appeared when Doc was stringing for “Goldmine”.  This is just a great story – as are “The Astronauts” and “Flash Cadillac and the Continental Kids”, two groups coming out of Boulder, Colorado. (Click on the images below to visit Doc’s Posts)



“A case could be made for the enshrinement of country/rock pioneer band Poco in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.  It will likely never happen as an equal case could be made for their enshrinement into the Country Hall Of Fame.  That is even a longer shot to ever happen even though much of what you hear today on country radio directly traces to what a bunch of long-hairs where trying to do with a short-hair music form traditionally closed to them.  To embrace the twang of country and western music when acts like the Doors and Jimi Hendrix reigned wasn’t a smart move commercially or politically.  That style of music was seen as being allied with the conservative slicked-back pro-Vietnam War types – certainly not what hip rock musicians would be caught dead playing.  Yet…”

The Rockin’ Astronauts

“The second that the fat wet Fender guitar pulse hits your speakers, you want to duck and cover to keep from getting drenched by the foamy ocean spray.  That’s the sound of “Baja,” a surf instrumental classic from 1963 that seems to be on all the CD compilations of that particular musical style.  The amazing thing about the group who waxed this song, the Astronauts, is that they had never been a surf band prior to these sessions.  Indeed, they were not even from the beaches of California, but rather from the foot of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado where skis, not surfboards, dominate.  Even more amazing is that while they barely dented the U.S.charts, in Japan they were considered mega-stars for a time.”

Flash Cadillac and the Continental Kids

“Flash Cadillac And The Continental Kids are really neat.  But my father wants them to stop cruising our neighborhood.”

So proclaimed no less an authority on rock ‘n’ roll than Annette Funicello on the back cover of the first Flash Cadillac And The Continental Kids LP in 1972.  24 years later, the band is still neat and they still want to cruise your neighborhood.  Today’s difference is that when they do cruise into your town, they’re likely to do so with a symphony orchestra to back them up.  What hasn’t changed, in all those years, is the band’s credo, music should be about having fun.

Flash Cadillac charted only four singles in the mid to lower reaches of Billboard circa 1974-1976, but continue to record and release product with an eye to quality rather than chart placings.  Flash Cadillac would prefer to “hit for average and let the Michael Jacksons and the Bruce Springsteens of the world hit the home runs”.



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