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They Gave Us Rock and Roll – Part 1

May 31, 2017

The Roots of Rock and Roll on Long Play in the U.S.

A hat’s off to these pioneers who set the stage – Here are their earliest long plays – Artists A through B – If I was stranded on a desert island with only these recordings for my earthly possessions – all would be well with the world.

1955 – Johnny Ace – Duke 71 – “Memorial Album”

Born in 1929 – Memphis, Tennessee John Marshall Alexander – Died December 25th, 1954 (gun incident)

1957 – Sil Austin – Mercury 20237 – “Slow Walk Rock”

Born 1929 Dunnellon, Florida Sylvester Austin – Died September 1st, 2001

1958  – Frankie Avalon – Chancellor – “Frankie Avalon”

Born in 1940 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Francis Thomas Avallone

1956 – Lavern Baker – Atlantic – La vern

Born in 1929 in Chicago, Illinois Delores LaVern Baker – Died March 10th, 1997

1959 – Hank Ballard & The Midnighters – King – Singin’ & Swingin’ The Twist

Born in 1927 in Detroit, Michigan John Henry Kendricks – Died March 2nd, 2003

1960 – H.B. Barnum – RCA Victor – “The Big Voice of Barnum”

Born in 1936 in Houston Texas Hidle Brown Barnum

1961 – Dave Bartholomew – Imperial 12076 – “Dave Bartholomew and His Great Big Band”

Born December 24th, 1918 in Edgard, Louisiana Davis Bartholomew

1957 – Freddie Bell & The Bell Boys – Mercury – “Rock & Roll All Flavors”

Born September 1931 in Philadelphia, Pennyslvania Ferdinando Dominick Bello – Died February 10th, 2008

1960 – Tony Bellus – NRC 8 – “Robbin’ The Cradle with Tony Bellus”

Born in 1936 in Chicago, Illinois Anthony J. Bellusci

1959 – Jesse Belvin – RCA Victor 2089 – Just Jesse Belvin

Born December 15th, 1932 in San Antonia, Texas Jesse Lorenzo Belvin – Died February 6th, 1960 (car accident)

1957 – Chuck Berry – Chess 1426 “After School Session”

Born October 18th, 1926 in St. Louis, Missouri Charles Edward Anderson Berry – Died March18th, 2017

1961 – Bobby Bland – Duke DLP 74 – Two Steps From the Blues

Born January, 1930 in Barrelville, Tennesse, Robert Calvin Bland – Died June 23rd, 2013

1967 – The Blue Belles – Atlantic 12577 – “Dreamer”

Born May, 1944 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Patricia Louise Holt-Edwards

1961 – Gary U.S. Bonds – Legrand LLP 3001 – “Dance ‘Til Quarter To Three”

Born June, 1939 in Jacksonville, Florida Gary Levone Anderson

1957 – Jimmy Bowen – Roulette 25004 – “Jimmy Bowen”

Born November, 1937 in Santa Rita, New Mexico James Albert Bowen

1958 – James Brown – King 610 – “Please Please Please”

Born May, 1933 in Barnwell, South Carolina James Joseph Brown – Died December 25th, 2006

1956 – The Johnny Burnette Trio – Coral 57080 – “Johnny Burnette & The Rock ‘n Roll Trio”

Brothers Johnny and Dorsey Burnette with Paul Burlison (born 1929 – died 2003)

1960 – Dorsey Burnette – Era EL 102 – “Tall Oak Tree”

Born December, 1932 in Memphis, Tennesse Dorsey Burnette – Died August, 1979

1961 – Johnny Burnette – Liberty LRP 3190 – “Johnny Burnette Sings”

Born March, 1934 in Memphis, Tennessee John Joseph Burnette – Died August 14th, 1964 (boating accident)

1958 – Jerry Butler – Abner LP 2001 – “Jerry Butler, esq.”

Jerry Butler was born in December of 1939 in Sunflower, Mississippi Jerry Butler Jr.  – Went on to join the Impressions with Curtis Mayfield.

 1957 – The Cadets – Crown CLP 5015 – “Rockin’ ‘N’ Reelin’

The Cadets formed in Los Angeles, California in 1955: Original members Lloyd McGraw, Willie Davis, Austin Taylor, Aaron Collins and Will Jones

1957 – The Cadillacs – Jubilee – “The Fabulous Cadillacs” –

Formed in Harlem, New York in 1953 – Original Members: Earl Carroll, Bobby Phillips, Lavern Drake, and Gus Willingham – first known as “The Carnations”.

1959 – Freddy Cannon – Swan 502 – “The Explosive! Freddy Cannon”

Born in December, 1936 in Revere, Massachusetts Frederick Anthony Picariello Jr.

1956 – Johnny Cash – Sun 1220 – “Johnny Cash”

Born February, 1932 in Nashville, Tennessee J. (“John”) R. Cash – Died February 26th, 1932

1962 – The Castells – Era 109 – “So This Is Love”

The Castells formed in 1959 in Santa Rosa, California – Original Members: Chuck Girard; Tom Hicks, Warren Hays and Bob Ussery (They were accompanied by non singing pianist Jeff Bush)

1959 – The Champs – Challenge CHL 601 – “Go, Champs, Go!”

The Champs formed in Los Angeles, California in 1957 rising out of the ranks of studio musicians – Original Members: Dave Burgess; Chuck Rio, Gene Alden, Buddy Bruce and Cliff Hills – Some other later noted members included Glen Campbell, Jerry Cole and the 70’s duo Seals and Crofts.

1962 – Gene Chandler – Vee Jay 1040 – “The Duke of Earl”

Born July, 1937 in Chicago, Illinois Eugene Drake Dixon – Chandler started off with a group called the Gaytone and then the Dukays.

1958 – The Chantels – End 301 – “We Are The Chantels”

The group formed in 1957 while in school in the Bronx, New York – Original Members: Arlene Smith, Sonia Goring Wilson, Renee Minus White, and Jackie Landry Jackson

1957 – Ray Charles – Atlantic 1259 – “The Great Ray Charles”

Born in September, 1930 in Albany, Georgia Ray Charles Robinson – Died June 10th, 2004

1959 – Dee Clark – Abner ABLP 2002 – How About That

Born in November, 1938 in Blytheville, Arkansas Delecta Clark – Died December 7th, 1990 – Earlier he was with The Goldentones

1961 – The Cleftones – Gee 707 – “For Sentimental Reasons”

The Cleftones formed in 1955 in Queens, New York – Original Members: Herbie Cox, Charlie James McGhee, Berman Patterson, Warren Corbin and William McClane.

1956 – The Clovers – Atlantic 8009 – “The Clovers”

The Clovers formed in 1946 in Washington D.C. – Original Members: Harold Lucas, Billy Shelton and Thomas Woods – expanding from a trio to a quartet with the addition of John Bailey.  They were first known as “The Four Clovers”.

1957 – The Coasters – Atco 33-101 – “The Coasters”

The Coasters formed in Los Angeles, California in 1955 spinning off from “The Robins” – Original Members: Carl Gardner, Bobby Nunn, Billy Guy and Leon Hughes

1957 – Eddie Cochran – Liberty LRP 3061 – “Singin’ To My Baby”

Eddie Cochran was born in October, 1938 in Albert Lea, Minnesota Edward Raymond Cochran – Died April 17, 1960 (Automobile accident in the U.K.)

1957 – Sam Cooke – Keen 2001 – “Songs By Sam Cooke”

Sam Cooke was born in January, 1931 Samuel Cook – Died December 11th, 1964 (Shooting Mishap)


1962 – Les Cooper – Everlast 202 – “Wiggle Wobble”

Les Cooper was born in March of 1921 in Norfolk, Virginia – Died August 3rd, 2013 – His backup band were the “Soul Rockers”.

1959 – Dave “Baby” Cortez – RCA Victor LPM-2099 – “The Happy Organ”

Dave “Baby” Cortez was born in August of 1938 in Detroit, Michigan David Cortez Clowney – Cortez performed with the group “The Pearls” and “The Valentines”

1958 – The Crescendos – Guest Star – “Sweet Dreams About”

The Crescendos formed in 1957 in Nashville, Tennessee – Original Members: George Lanius, James Lanius, Ken Brigham, Tom Fortner and Jim Hall

1959 – The Crests – Coed – “The Best of the Crests”

The Crests formed in 1957 in New York City – Original Members: J.T. Carter, Talmadge Gough, Harold Torres and Patricia Van Dross – Lead singer Johnny Maestro was soon added to round out the line-up.

1957 – The Crickets – Brunswick 54038 – “The Chirping Crickets”

The Crickets formed in Lubbock, Texas in 1957 led by the fabulous Buddy Holly – Original Members: Niki Sullivan, Jerry Allison and Joe Maudlin along with Holly.

1963 – The Crystals – Philles 4001 – “He’s a Rebel”

The Crystals formed in 1960 out of New York City – Original Members: Barbara Alston, Mary Thomas, Dolores Kenniebrew, Myrna Giraud and Patricia Wright – In short order Darlene Love of “The Blossoms” would assume vocal duties – She was backed by other singers other than the original Crystals.

1958 – Bobby Darin – Atco 33-102 – “Bobby Darin”

Bobby Darin was born in May of 1936 in New York City Walden Robert Cassotto – He Died December 20th, 1973 of heart disease.

1959 – Bobby Day – Class 5002 – “Rockin’ with Robin”

Bobby Day was born in July of 1930 in Fort Worth, Texas Robert James Byrd – He died July 27th, 1990 – Bobby was Bob of “Bob and Earl” and earlier had been with “The Satellites”.

1957 – The Del Vikings – Luniverse LP 1000 – “Come Go With the Del Vikings”

The Del Vikings formed in 1955 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – Original Members: Clarence Quick; Kripp Johnson; Don Jackson, Samuel Patterson, Bernard Robertson and Clarence Harvey Ringo.  – They formed while active members of the U.S. Armed Forces.

1959 – The Dells – Vee Jay VJLP 1010 – “Oh, What a Nite”

The Dells formed in 1952 in Harvey, Illinois – Original Members: Marvin Junior, Verne Allison, Johnny Funches, Chuck Barksdale, Mickey McGill and Lucius McGill

1957 – The Diamonds – Mercury 20309 – “America’s No. 1 Song Stylists”

The Diamonds formed in  1953 out of Canada: Original Members: Dave Somerville, Ted Kowalski, Phil Levitt and Bill Reed.  They obtained a rap as a cover group but they could sing and many of their singles excelled in the world of Doo-Wop.

1958 – Bo Diddley – Chess LP 1431 – “Bo Diddley”

Bo Diddley was born in December of 1928 in McComb Mississippi Ellas Otha Bates – Died June 2nd, 2008

1958 – Dion and the Belmonts – Laurie LLP 1002 – “Presenting Dion and The Belmonts”

Dion and the Belmonts formed in 1957 in New York City (The Bronx) – Original Members: Dion DiMucci, Carlo Mastrangelo, Fred Milano and Angelo D’ Aleo.

1961 – Dion – Laurie LLP 2009 – “Runaround Sue”

Dion was born in July of 1939 in The Bronx Dion Francis DiMucci – He had earlier been the lead singer for the “The Belmonts”.

1956 – Bill Doggett – King 531 – “Everybody Dance the Honky Tonk”

Bill Doggett was born in February of 1916  in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania William Ballard Doggett – He died November 13th, 2013.

1956 – Fats Domino – Imperial LP 9004 – “Rock and Rollin with Fats Domino”

Fats Domino was born in February of 1928 in New Orleans, Louisiana Antoine Domino Jr. Still going strong!

1961 – Ral Donner – Gone 5012 – “Takin’ Care of Business”

1958 – The Drifters – Atlantic  8022 – “Rockin’ & Driftin'”

The Drifters started off in 1953 in New York City – Many singers have passed through group – The original members are: Clyde McPhatter, William Anderson, Charlie White, David Baldwin and James Johnson – – Later notables were Bill Pinkney, Ben E. King, Rudy Lewis, Bobby Hendricks and Johnny Moore

1962 – The Duprees – Coed – “You Belong to Me”

The Duprees came out of Jersey City, New Jersy forming in 1960 – Original Members:  Michael Amone, Joe Santollo, John Salvato, Tom Bialoglow and Joey Canzano



  1. Thank you so much for a wonderful trip down memory lane.Great to see the colored folk are well represented in the line up.I have 50% of these LPs so it was good to see they are not forgotten. Looking for more to come.

  2. Just a few random comments on a collection that looks like what was on my phonograph and radio in junior high and high school….

    Tony Bellus played the accordion???!!

    Nice to see the Jesse Belvin LP. “Guess Who” is pure beauty. He, of course, had an extensive career as a singer, group member, writer and producer for many years with various smaller labels in LA, but he also got a good one on RCA as “The Chargers” – Old MacDonald: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9qUaNBpY5LE. His – and his wife’s – death in a car crash was a very sad day for rock and r&b.

    Props for all the Burnettes, especially Dorsey. “Hey Little One” still puts me away.

    For those who didn’t know, Chuck Girard emerged from The Castells into The Hondells into Love Song (an early Contemporary Christian Music group) and into a long solo career in that genre. Apparently, despite the smoothness of his sound, he lived a pretty wild rock& roll life prior to his conversion.

    Of the original Chantels, you accidentally missed Lois Harris. Thanks for posting the rare original album cover; as Maybe took off, they replaced it with white kids standing around a jukebox. (I love the music, but I really wouldn’t want to go back to those 1950s….)

    Dee Clark sang somegorgeous ballads and great uptempo tracks on his albums. I never realized that “Just Keep It Up” was backed by Nashville’s Anita Kerr Singers! There are some stereo versions of many of his tracks posted around YouTube.

    As I mentioned in Part 7 (what, me take things in order?) that Don Bronstein photo on The Dells’ “Oh What a Night” album is still gorgeous. I’ve always had a thing for the girl in the photo; maybe it’s the high heels and the way she’s looking at the guy….

    Les Cooper was the house band at The Three Roses in New Rochelle, NY, a couple of blocks from where I lived until I was five. Unfortunately, I was too young to get in – and besides, I probably would have been the only white face in the place. (The Three Roses was right across North Avenue from where Clyde McPhatter owned a record shop.I DID go in there and have a few 45s to prove it!)

    Can’t wait for the next collection….

    Country Paul

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