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They Gave Us Rock and Roll – Part 2

June 1, 2017

The Roots of Rock and Roll on Long Play in the U.S.

A hat’s off to these pioneers who set the stage – Here are their earliest long plays – Artists C through D – We start off with the Cadets who also recorded as “The Jacks” – I was thrilled to see Bobby Day in 1972 in an oldies concert in Fresno, California – along with Bill Haley and His Comets, Chubby Checker, Dorsey Burnette, The Shirelles, Big Joe Turner and many others.

1957 – The Cadets – Crown CLP 5015 – “Rockin’ ‘N’ Reelin’

The Cadets formed in Los Angeles, California in 1955: Original members Lloyd McGraw, Willie Davis, Austin Taylor, Aaron Collins and Will Jones

1957 – The Cadillacs – Jubilee – “The Fabulous Cadillacs” – 1959 – Jubilee – “The Crazy Cadillacs”

Formed in Harlem, New York in 1953 – Original Members: Earl Carroll, Bobby Phillips, Lavern Drake, and Gus Willingham – first known as “The Carnations”.

1959 – Freddy Cannon – Swan 502 – “The Explosive! Freddy Cannon”

Born in December, 1936 in Revere, Massachusetts Frederick Anthony Picariello Jr.

1956 – Johnny Cash – Sun 1220 – “Johnny Cash”

Born February, 1932 in Nashville, Tennessee J. (“John”) R. Cash – Died February 26th, 1932

1962 – The Castells – Era 109 – “So This Is Love”

The Castells formed in 1959 in Santa Rosa, California – Original Members: Chuck Girard; Tom Hicks, Warren Hays and Bob Ussery (They were accompanied by non singing pianist Jeff Bush)

1959 – The Champs – Challenge CHL 601 – “Go, Champs, Go!”

The Champs formed in Los Angeles, California in 1957 rising out of the ranks of studio musicians – Original Members: Dave Burgess; Chuck Rio, Gene Alden, Buddy Bruce and Cliff Hills – Some other later noted members included Glen Campbell, Jerry Cole and the 70’s duo Seals and Crofts.

1962 – Gene Chandler – Vee Jay 1040 – “The Duke of Earl”

Born July, 1937 in Chicago, Illinois Eugene Drake Dixon – Chandler started off with a group called the Gaytone and then the Dukays.

1958 – The Chantels – End 301 – “We Are The Chantels”

The group formed in 1957 while in school in the Bronx, New York – Original Members: Arlene Smith, Sonia Goring Wilson, Renee Minus White, and Jackie Landry Jackson

1957 – Ray Charles – Atlantic 1259 – “The Great Ray Charles”

Born in September, 1930 in Albany, Georgia Ray Charles Robinson – Died June 10th, 2004

1959 – Dee Clark – Abner ABLP 2002 – How About That

Born in November, 1938 in Blytheville, Arkansas Delecta Clark – Died December 7th, 1990 – Earlier he was with The Goldentones

1961 – The Cleftones – Gee 707 – “For Sentimental Reasons”

The Cleftones formed in 1955 in Queens, New York – Original Members: Herbie Cox, Charlie James McGhee, Berman Patterson, Warren Corbin and William McClane.

1956 – The Clovers – Atlantic 8009 – “The Clovers”

The Clovers formed in 1946 in Washington D.C. – Original Members: Harold Lucas, Billy Shelton and Thomas Woods – expanding from a trio to a quartet with the addition of John Bailey.  They were first known as “The Four Clovers”.

1957 – The Coasters – Atco 33-101 – “The Coasters”

The Coasters formed in Los Angeles, California in 1955 spinning off from “The Robins” – Original Members: Carl Gardner, Bobby Nunn, Billy Guy and Leon Hughes

1957 – Eddie Cochran – Liberty LRP 3061 – “Singin’ To My Baby”

Eddie Cochran was born in October, 1938 in Albert Lea, Minnesota Edward Raymond Cochran – Died April 17, 1960 (Automobile accident in the U.K.)

1957 – Sam Cooke – Keen 2001 – “Songs By Sam Cooke”

Sam Cooke was born in January, 1931 Samuel Cook – Died December 11th, 1964 (Shooting Mishap)

1962 – Les Cooper – Everlast 202 – “Wiggle Wobble”

Les Cooper was born in March of 1921 in Norfolk, Virginia – Died August 3rd, 2013 – His backup band were the “Soul Rockers”.

1959 – Dave “Baby” Cortez – RCA Victor LPM-2099 – “The Happy Organ”

Dave “Baby” Cortez was born in August of 1938 in Detroit, Michigan David Cortez Clowney – Cortez performed with the group “The Pearls” and “The Valentines”

1958 – The Crescendos – Guest Star – “Sweet Dreams About”

The Crescendos formed in 1957 in Nashville, Tennessee – Original Members: George Lanius, James Lanius, Ken Brigham, Tom Fortner and Jim Hall

1959 – The Crests – Coed – “The Best of the Crests”

The Crests formed in 1957 in New York City – Original Members: J.T. Carter, Talmadge Gough, Harold Torres and Patricia Van Dross – Lead singer Johnny Maestro was soon added to round out the line-up.

1957 – The Crickets – Brunswick 54038 – “The Chirping Crickets”

The Crickets formed in Lubbock, Texas in 1957 led by the fabulous Buddy Holly – Original Members: Niki Sullivan, Jerry Allison and Joe Maudlin along with Holly.

1963 – The Crystals – Philles 4001 – “He’s a Rebel”

The Crystals formed in 1960 out of New York City – Original Members: Barbara Alston, Mary Thomas, Dolores Kenniebrew, Myrna Giraud and Patricia Wright – In short order Darlene Love of “The Blossoms” would assume vocal duties – She was backed by other singers other than the original Crystals.

1958 – Bobby Darin – Atco 33-102 – “Bobby Darin”

Bobby Darin was born in May of 1936 in New York City Walden Robert Cassotto – He Died December 20th, 1973 of heart disease.

1959 – Bobby Day – Class 5002 – “Rockin’ with Robin”

Bobby Day was born in July of 1930 in Fort Worth, Texas Robert James Byrd – He died July 27th, 1990 – Bobby was Bob of “Bob and Earl” and earlier had been with “The Satellites”.

1957 – The Del Vikings – Luniverse LP 1000 – “Come Go With the Del Vikings”

The Del Vikings formed in 1955 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – Original Members: Clarence Quick; Kripp Johnson; Don Jackson, Samuel Patterson, Bernard Robertson and Clarence Harvey Ringo.  – They formed while active members of the U.S. Armed Forces.

1959 – The Dells – Vee Jay VJLP 1010 – “Oh, What a Nite”

The Dells formed in 1952 in Harvey, Illinois – Original Members: Marvin Junior, Verne Allison, Johnny Funches, Chuck Barksdale, Mickey McGill and Lucius McGill

1957 – The Diamonds – Mercury 20309 – “America’s No. 1 Song Stylists”

The Diamonds formed in  1953 out of Canada: Original Members: Dave Somerville, Ted Kowalski, Phil Levitt and Bill Reed.  They obtained a rap as a cover group but they could sing and many of their singles excelled in the world of Doo-Wop.

1958 – Bo Diddley – Chess LP 1431 – “Bo Diddley”

Bo Diddley was born in December of 1928 in McComb Mississippi Ellas Otha Bates – Died June 2nd, 2008

1958 – Dion and the Belmonts – Laurie LLP 1002 – “Presenting Dion and The Belmonts”

Dion and the Belmonts formed in 1957 in New York City (The Bronx) – Original Members: Dion DiMucci, Carlo Mastrangelo, Fred Milano and Angelo D’ Aleo.

1961 – Dion – Laurie LLP 2009 – “Runaround Sue”

Dion was born in July of 1939 in The Bronx Dion Francis DiMucci – He had earlier been the lead singer for the “The Belmonts”.

1956 – Bill Doggett – King 531 – “Everybody Dance the Honky Tonk”

Bill Doggett was born in February of 1916  in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania William Ballard Doggett – He died November 13th, 2013.

1956 – Fats Domino – Imperial LP 9004 – “Rock and Rollin with Fats Domino”

Fats Domino was born in February of 1928 in New Orleans, Louisiana Antoine Domino Jr. Still going strong!

1961 – Ral Donner – Gone 5012 – “Takin’ Care of Business”

1958 – The Drifters – Atlantic  8022 – “Rockin’ & Driftin'”

The Drifters started off in 1953 in New York City – Many singers have passed through group – The original members are: Clyde McPhatter, William Anderson, Charlie White, David Baldwin and James Johnson – – Later notables were Bill Pinkney, Ben E. King, Rudy Lewis, Bobby Hendricks and Johnny Moore

1962 – The Duprees – Coed – “You Belong to Me”

The Duprees came out of Jersey City, New Jersy forming in 1960 – Original Members:  Michael Amone, Joe Santollo, John Salvato, Tom Bialoglow and Joey Canzano

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