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They Gave Us Rock and Roll: Part 9

June 13, 2017


Working my way back through this expanding listing of the early days of long plays – moving forward a bit into the 1960’s up to the end of that tumultuous decade.  Lee Allen is here – Met him once in Denver when he and Dave Bartholomew were backing Fats Domino.  Was able to speak with both of them (and Fats) and get their autographs.

Now I learn that he and his mother (and siblings) moved from Kansas to Denver when he was about five years old, and where he grew up.  Haven’t had time to learn any more about where he might have attended school, performed or learned his craft while in the Mile High City.

The one-armed drummer for the Barbarians (Victor “Moulty” Moulton) recorded  his biographical “Moulty” after “Are You a Boy or Are You a Girl” but was backed by members of “Levon and the Hawks” instead of his own band – and of course they would go on to hook up with Mr. Dillon as “The Band”.

Also adding a collection of trade magazine promotional ads – Fun stuff

1963 – Mike Adams and the Red Jackets – Crown 5312 – “Surfer’s Beat”

Members unknown

1963 – Richie Allen & The Pacific Surfers – Imperial LP 9243 – “Surfer’s Slide”

Leader of this group was Richard Podolor born in 1940 – Performed with “The Hondells”, “The Renegades”, “The Super Stocks” and more.  Other studios guys on this LP are Rene Hall, Ray Phhiman, Lincoln Mayorga, Sandy Nelson and Harper Crosby.

1965 – Jewel Akens – ERA ES-110 – “The Birds and the Bees”

Jewell Akens was born in September of 1933 in Houston, Texas Jewel Eugene Akens – He died on March 1st, 2013 – Akens was a member of both “The Four Dots” and “The Medallions”.

1961 – Steve Alaimo – Checker LP 2981 – “Twist with Steve Alaimo”

Steve Alaimo was born in December of 1939 in Omaha, Nebraska soon moving with his family to New York.  He was a member of a group called “The Redcoats”

1961 – Lee Allen – Ember ELP-200 – “Walkin’ With Mr. Lee”

Lee Allen was born in July of 1927 in Pittsburg, Kansas and raised in Denver, Colorado!  Lee Allen played with many musicians and notably with Dave Bartholomew’s band and as a backing musician for Fats Domino.  Allen died on October 18th, 1994.

1961 – Tony Allen and the Night Owls – Crown CST 240 – “Rock ‘n Roll with Tony Allen and the Night Owls”

Tony Allen was born in about 1946 in New Orleans, Louisiana – He performed with a group called “The Champs” (not the Tequila group) and “The Chimes” (not the One Summer Night group).

1959 – Gene Allison – Vee Jay VJLP 1009 – “Gene Allison”

Gene Allison was born in August of 1934 in Pegram, Tennessee Versie Eugene Allison – He died on February 28th, 2004. – He first sang with the gospel group “The Fairfield Four” and then the jazz group “The Skylarks” before going solo.

1967 – The Amboy Dukes – Mainstream 56104 – “The Amboy Dukes”

The Amboy Dukes formed in 1964 in Detroit, Michigan – Original members were guitarist Ted Nugent who had been in a group called “The Royal High Boys” in Detroit, Bob Lehnert, Gary Hicks, Dick Treat and Gail Uptadale.

1967 – The American Breed – Acta A-38002 – “The American Breed”

The American Breed formed in 1962 in Brookfield, Illinois – They later evolved into a group called “Rufus”.

1965 – Lee Andrews & The Hearts – Lost Nite – “Dean Tyler Presents Lee Andrews and The Hearts Live On Stage”

Lee Andrew and the Hearts formed in 1953 out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Members included Lee Andrews, Roy Calhoun, Thomas Curry, Ted Weems and Wendell Calhoun.

1962 – The Angels – Caprice LP 1001 – “And the Angels Sing”

The Angels formed in 1961 in New Jersey with Barbara Allbut, Phyllis Allbut, Bernadette Carroll and Lynda Malzone. They began as “The Starlets” and also appeared as “The Halos”.

1968 – The Animated Egg – Alshire S-5104 – “The Animated Egg”

This band was actually a group of studio musicians out of Los Angeles performing instrumentals.  Musicians included Jerry Cole, Edgar Lamar, Don Dexter, Tommy Lee, Glenn Cass, Billy Joe Hastings, Norm Cass and Billy Preston.

1961 – Ann-Margret – RCA Victor LP 2399 – “And Here She Is Ann-Margret”

Ann-Margret was born in April of 1941 in Sweden – She established herself as both an actress and a singer in the 1960’s with “Bye Bye Birdie” being her hallmark performance.

1959 – Annette – Buena Vista BV-3301 – “Annette”

Annette was born in October of 1942 in Utica, New York Annette Joanne Funicello – This great little Mouseketeer passed away on April 8th, 2013.

1968 – Aorta – Columbia CS 9785 – “Aorta”

Aorta formed in 1967 in Chicago, Illinois  – They were originally “Kal David and the Exceptions” – Original members were Kal David, Peter Cetera (both later with “The Big Thing” which became “Chicago”), Denny Ebert and Marty Grebb.


1959 – The Aquatones – Fargo FLP-3001 – “Sing”

The Aquatones formed in 1956 out of Valley Stream, New York – Original members were Dave Goddard, Larry Vannata and Gene McCarthy – first known as “The Rhythm Kings”.

1964 – Ginny Arnell – MGM E-4228 – “Meet Ginny Arnell”

1965 – The Arrows – Tower T 5002 – “Apache ’65”

Davie Allan and The Arrows was a more-or-less revolving group of musicians out of Los Angeles, California headed up by guitarist Davie Allan – Davie was born in the San Fernando Valley in Southern California in Van Nuys.  He was a member of groups “The Sudells”, “The Heyburners” and “The Zanies” again all studio creations.

1968 – The Art of Lovin’ – Mainstream 6113 – “The Art of Lovin'”

The Art of Lovin’ was formed in Boston, Massachusetts – with members Paul Applebaum, Johnny Lank, Barry Tatelman, Gail Winnick and Sandy Winslow.

1966 – The Association – Valiant VL 5002 – “And Then…Along Comes The Association”

The Association formed in 1965 in California – Original members were Jules Alexander, and Terry Kirman – They formed “The Inner Tubes” in 1964 and then “The Men” moving on to become “The Association” with Brian Cole, Russ Giguere, Ted Bluechel, Jr., and Bob Page – who would be replaced by Bob Yester.

1963 – The Astronauts – RCA Victor LPM 2760

The Astronauts out of Boulder Colorado were formed initially as “The Stormtroopers” before changing their name to “The Astronauts”.  Original members were Jon Patterson, Robert Graham, Bob Demmon, Brad Leach.  They would soon add Rich Fifield and Dick Sellears .

Frankie Avalon Promo


1963 – The Avalanches – Warner Bros. W 1525 – “Ski Surfin’

Members were Al De Lory, Billy Strange, David Gates, Hal Blaine, Tommy Tedesco and Wayne Burdick – all of the notorious group of session men in California know as “The Wrecking Crew”.

1966 – The Avengers VI – Mark 56 – 536 – “Good Humor Presents Real Cool Hits”

The Avengers VI were from Anaheim, California members being Rick Bastrup, Bob Gallant and Curt Pickelle in 1964 – first as a trio.  They added Jim Goodwin who had been with “The Pyramids” and Colorado’s “Astronauts” – Then Jim Ferguson was added and finally Mike DeYoung to make six.

1965 – Hoyt Axton – Vee Jay VJ 1127 – “Saturday’s Child”

Hoyt Axton was born in March of 1938 in Duncan, Oklahoma – Axton claimed lasting fame when he composed “Heartbreak Hotel” for Elvis Presley.  Some other compositions include Ringo’s “No, No Song”, “Never Been to Spain” & “Joy to the World” by Three Dog Night.  Axton died on October 26th, 1999.

1968 – The Back-Wash Rhythm Band – Capitol 2886 – “The Golden Breed”

Musicians on this LP were Phil Kasper, Mike Clifford, Bob Bennett – both of whom were members of “The Rip Tides”

1968 – The Bag – Decca DL 75057

The Bag were Al Espositio, Dan Mohony, Jay Savino, Jimmy Curtiss and Joe DiMarzo

La Vern Baker Promo

Hank Ballard Promo

The Bangor Flying Circus – Dunhill 50069 – “Bangor Flying Circus”

The Bangor Flying Circus formed in 1957 in Chicago, Illinois with David Wolinski Alan DeCarlo, Tom Schiffour.  Schiffour came from “The Shadows of Knight”.  Wolinski was also with “The Shadows of Knight” and before that “The Males”.

1967 – Darrell Banks – Atco 33-216 – “Darrell Banks is Here!”

Darrell Banks was born in July of 1937 in Mansfield, Ohio Darrell Eubanks – He died on February 24th, 1970 at age 32 shot to death by a police officer in Detroit.

1966 – The Bantams – Warner Bros. 1625 – “Beware”

The Bantams were three brothers Fritz, Jeff and Mike from Santa Monica, California.

1965 – The Barbarians – Laurie LP 2033 – “The Barbarians”

The Barbarians formed in 1964 in Cape Cod, Massachusetts – Original members were Victor Moulty Moulton, Bruce Benson, Ronnie Enos and Jerry Causi  Members went on to form the Band “Black Pearl” in 1967.

1965 – Gene Barge – Checker LP 2994 – “Dance with Daddy “G”

Gene Barge was born in August of 1926  in Norfolk, Virginia – He formed “The Church Street Five.


  1. Hi Craig,
    I’m sure you’ll hear this more than once… Hoyt Axton DID NOT write “Heartbreak Hotel” — his mother, Mae, was one of the co-writers.

    Also you might want to re-think the “Dillon” reference with Levon & The Hawks… I’m sure you meant Bob Dylan and not Gunsmokes’s Mr. Dillon, Mr. Dillon.

    Love looking at the albums pics you’ve been posting, keep up the good work.

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