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They Gave Us Rock and Roll – Part 12

June 16, 2017

The Roots of Rock and Roll on Long Play in the U.S.

Continuing on- this takes us up through the letter “C” bands and solos from the 1950’s and 1960’s – for the most part – displaying their earliest release on Long Play.

1968 – Sanford Clark – LHI 12003 – “Return of The Fool”

Sanford Clark was born in October of 1935 in Tulsa, Oklahoma – He was friends with Lee Hazelwood and recorded Lee’s “The Fool” which was to become his one big splash of fame.  He just missed hitting it big again when he recorded Hazelwood’s “Houston” but was beat to the punch by Dean Martin.

1968 – The Classics IV – Imperial LP 12371 – “Spooky”

The Classics IV formed in 1965 in Jacksonville, Florida – Early members were J.R. Cobb, Walter Eaton, Joe Wilson and Dennis Yost.  Yost was previously with a group called “The Echoes.

1963 – Cassius Clay – Columbia CL 2093 – “I Am the Greatest”

Cassius Clay was born in January of 1942 in Louisville, Kentucky Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr. (to become Muhammad Ali).  The champion boxer made a brief sojourn into the recording world – He died on June 3rd, 2016 at the age of 74 – leaving a remarkable legacy indeed.

1968 – The Cleanliness And Godliness Skiffle Band – Vanguard V 79285 – “Greatest Hits”

If not an oddity to begin with, these guys were also the “Masked Marauders” a mysterious project unto itself.  Members were Annie Johnson, Brian Voorhees, Gary Salmzman, Hank Bradley, Phil Marsh and Richard Saunders.

1967 – Clear Light – Elektra EK 74011 – “Clear Light”

Clear Light formed in 1966 in Los Angeles, California evolving from a band called “The Brain Train” – Members included Bob Seal, Robbie Robison, Doug Lubahn, Dallas Taylor (played with Crosby, Stills and Nash), and Michael Ney.  Lubahn spent time in Aspen, Colorado where he met Mama Cass Elliot when she was with a group called “The Candy Store”.

1967 – Jimmy Cliff – Veep 16536 – “Can’t Get Enough Of It”

Jimmy Cliff was born in April of 1948 in Jamaica – He broke onto the pop charts with his self-composed “Wonderful World, Beautiful People” in November of 1969 – which theme-wise fit the bill for that period of time.

1961 – Buzz Clifford – Columbia – “Baby Sittin’ With Buzz Clifford”

Buzz Clifford was born in October of 1941 in Berwyn, Illinois.

1965 – Mike Clifford – United Artists UAL 3409 – “For the Love of Mike”

Mike Clifford was born in November of 1943 in Los Angeles, California  – His first recording “Should I” featured back-up vocals from Patience and Prudence and guitar work from Eddie Cochran!  He continue on today in Oldies Shows.

1969 – The Clique – White Whale 7126 – “The Clique”

The Clique were from Beaumont, Texas starting off as “The Roustabouts”, then “The Sandpipers” before becoming “The Clique.  Original members were John Kanesaw, Bruce Tinch, Cooper Hawthorne, Larry Lawson, David Dunham and Randy Shaw.  By the time they cut “I’ll Hold Out My Hand” and “Sugar on Sunday” they were mostly a completely new lineup .

1967 – Wayne Cochran – Chess LP 1519 – “Wayne Cochran!”

Wayne Cochran was born in 1939 in Thomaston, Georgia – His first band ws “The Rockin’ Capris” – He is the composer of “Last Kiss” made famous by “J. Frank Wilson and the Cavaliers”.


1962 – Jerry Cole – Custom CS 2078 – “Psychedelic Guitars”

Jerry Cole was born in September of 1939 in Green Bay, Wisconsin Jerald Kolbrak. Cole played guitar for “The Champs” and was in a group called “The Cee’s Cee’s” along with fellow Champ Glen Campbell.  Colo worked long as a session musician becoming part of the famed “Wrecking Crew”.

1962 – The Collegians – Winley 6004 – “Sing Along with the Collegians”

The Collegians formed in the 1950’s out of New York – best known for “Zoom, Zoom, Zoom”.

1965 – Albert Collins – TCF Hall TCF-8002 – “The Cool Sound of Albert Collins”

Albert Collins was born in October of 1932 in Leona, Texas Albert Gene Drewery.  He died on November 24th, 1993 at the age of 61.  In recorded one LP on Denver, Colorado’s “Tumbleweed” label in 1971 and several singles.

1968 – The Comfortable Chair – Ode Z12-44005 – “The Comfortable Chair”

The Comfortable Chair formed in California produced by members of “The Doors”.  Members included Bernie Schwartz, Barbara Wallace, Gene Garfin, Greg Leroy, Warner Davis, Tad Baczek and Gary Davis.

1963 – The Competitors – Dot DLP 25542 – “Hits of the Street and Strip”

A studio group with Gary Usher, Dick Burns, Bob Summers, Dennis McCarthy and Randy Thomas.

1966 – Bobby Comstock & The Counts – Ascot ALS 16026 – “Out of Sight”

Bobby Comstock was born in December, 1941 in Ithaca, New York – The Counts were Fred Ciaschi, Gus Eframson, Dale Sherwood, Chucki Ciaschi and Bill Lucas.

1967 – Arthur Conley – Atco 33-215- “Sweet Soul Music”

Arthur Conley was born in January of 1946 in Mcintosh County, Georgia Arthur Lee Conely – He died on November 17th, 2003

1962 – The Contours – Gordy 901 – “Do You Love Me (Now That I Can Dance)”

The Contours formed in 1959 were first called “The Blenders” out of Detroit, Michigan .  Original members were Joe Billingslea, Billy Gordon, Billy Hoggs and Billy Rollins. The Contours were the first act to release an LP on Motown’s Gordy Label.  When they changed names and personnel Leroy Fair and Hubert Johnson came on board.

1963 – The Cornells – Garex GA-100 – “Beach Bound”

The Cornells were Bob Linkletter, Jim O’Keefe and Peter Lewis who were also known as “The Surf Riders”.  Bob was son of TV personality Art Linkletter.  Peter Lewis was later in the San Francisco group “Moby Grape”.

1969 – The Corporation – Capitol ST 175 – “The Corporation”

The Corporation formed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1969 evolving from a band named “Eastern Mean Time”.  Members were Vincent Pell, Gerard Jon Smith, John Alexander Kondos, Nicholas Alexander Kondos, Kenneth Berdoll and Patrick Daneil McCarthy. They broke up in 1970.

1966 – The Count Five – Double Shot LP 5001 – “Psychotic Reaction”

The Count Five formed in 1964 in San Jose, California – The group evolved from “The Citations” and then “The Squires”.  Members were John Michalski, Roy Chaney, John Byrne, Kenn Ellner and Craig Atkinson.  Byrne and Atkinson are both deceased.

1966 – Don Covay – Atlantic 8120 – “See Saw”

Don Covay was born in March of 1934 in Orangeburg, South Carolina Donald James Randolph – He died January 31st, 2015

1967 – The Cowsills – MGM 4498 – “The Cowsills”

The Cowsills formed in 1965 in Newport, Rhode Island and were brothers Bill, Bob, Barry and John Cowill.  Soon sister Susan joined along with younger brother John and rounded out with their mother, Barbara Cowsill.

1964 – Billy Crash Craddock – King 912 – “I’m Tore Up”

Billy Craddock was born in June of 1939 in Greensboro, North Carolina Billy Wayne Craddock.  He was with a group called “The Four Rebels” as a teen.  After a prolonged break from music, Craddock returned as a country musician.

1964 – The Craftsmen – Zap 3009 – “What Can We Say”

The Craftsmen were from Hopedale, Ohio – Members unknown other than first names.

1961 – Hank Crawford – Atlantic SD 3156 – “More Soul”

1962 – Johnny Crawford – Del-Fi DFLP 1223 – “A Young Man’s Fancy”

Johnny Crawford was born in March of 1946 in Los Angeles John Ernest Crawford – Star of “The Rifleman” along with Chuck Connors – who by the way was one of only 12 athletes to have played in both the NBA and in Major League Baseball.

1969 – Crazy Elephant – Bell 6034 – “Crazy Elephant”

1968 – Creation of Sunlight – Windi WS 1001 – “Creation of Sunlight”

Creation of Sunlight was fromed in 1968 in Long Beach, California – they were first known as the “Sunlight Seven” – Members were Gary Young, Carl Estrella, Don Sain, Steve Montague, Jerry Griffin, Bob Morgan and Ron Clark.  Prices guides put a big dollar amount on their one LP but in reality it can be found for under $100.

1968 – Creedence Clearwater Revival – Fantasty 8382 – “Creedence Clearwater Revival”

Creedence Clearwater Revival formed in 1967 out of El Cerrito, California – evolving from first “The Blue Velvets” and then “The Golliwogs.  Original members were Junior High classmates John Fogerty, Doug Clifford and Stu Cook.  They began by backing John’s brother Tom and he soon joined their band.

1961 – Bob Crewe – Warwick 9008 – “Kicks”

Bob Crewe was born in November of 1930 in Newark. New Jersey Robert Stanley Crewe – He died on September 11th, 2014 – Crewe was a major force behind The Four Seasons.

1966 – The Critters – Kapp KL-1485 – “Younger Girl”

The Critters formed in 1964 New Jersey with Don Ciccone, Bob Podstawski teaming up with former “Vibratones” members Jim Ryan, Ken Gorka and Chris Darway.  Ciccone later joined with “The Four Seasons” and also toured with “Tommy James and the Shondells”.

1968 – The Crome Syrcus – Command RS 925 – “Love Cycle”

The Crome Syrcus were Dick Powell, John Gaborit, Lee Graham, Rob Pilloud, and Ted Shreffler.  They formed in 1966 out of Seattle, Washington.  Shreffler and Graham both passed away in 2000.

1969 – Crow – Amaret 5002 – “Crow Music”

Crow formed out of Minnesota in 1967 – They evolved from a group called “South 40” – Original members were David Wagner, Dick Wiegand, Larry Wiegand, Kink Middlemist and Harry Nehls.

1962 – Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup – Fire FLP 103 – “Mean Ole Frisco”

Arthur Crudup was born in August of 1905 in Forest, Mississippi Arthur William Crudup – He had been a member of the”Harmonizing Four” – He died on March 28th, 1974 at age 68.

1969 – The Cuff Links – Decca DL 75160 – “Tracy”

The Cuff Links were basically a studio group formed in 1969 with singer Ron Dante providing lead vocals (Dante was also the voice behind the “Archies” and involved with “The Detergents”) – The Cuff Links did a second album with Dante giving way to Rupert Holmes and Joey Cord on vocals.  The Cuff Links toured as recently as 2016.  Wonder where the darling girl on the cover is today?

A band had to be put together for touring purposes and they were Bob Gill, Dave Lavender, Andrew Denno, Rich Dimino, Pat Rizzo, Joe Cord and Danny Valentine.

1969 – Cykle – Label S9-261 – “Cykle”

The Cykle started off as “The Glory Cykle” – Members were Jeff Hardin, Rick Wilson, Grady Pope, Ralph Stevens and Ken Allen.

1963 – Johnny Cymbal – Kapp 1324 – “Mr. Bass Man”

Johnny Cymbal was born in February of 1945 in Scotland John Hendry Blair – Cymbal performed later on as Derek of “Cinnamon” fame.

1966 – The Cyrkle – Columbia CL 2544 – “Red Rubber Ball”

The Cyrkle formed in 1961 out of Easton, Pennsylvania originally called “The Rhondells”.  Brian Epstein picked them up and renamed the group – Members included Don Dannemann, Tom Dawes, Earle Pickens and Marty Fried – “Red Rubber Ball” was co-penned by Paul Simon.  – Dawes was the composer of Alka-Seltzer’s “plop, plop, fizz, fizz” jingle as well as 7-Up’s “Uncola” song – Pickens went on to become a surgeon.

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