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Sixties Six Pack – Part 7

July 8, 2017

Classic Long Plays – A Glance Back – Part 7

The Blues Project – Verve Folkways FV 9024 – “Live at the Cafe Au Go Go”

The Blues Project formed in 1965 in Greenwich Village, New York.  Original members were Danny Kalb, Steve Katz, Tommy Flanders, Roy Blumenfeld and Andy Kulberg. – They were first known as the “Danny Kalb Quartet” in 1965.

1968 – Bo Grumpus – ATCO SD33-246 – “Before the War”

Bo Grumpus formed in 1966 out of Boston, Massachusetts.  Members were Eddie Mottau, Joe Hutchinson, Jim Colegrove N.D. Smart II and Jeff Gutcheon.  Mottau worked with Paul Stookey, John Lennon and David Peel.  He released a solo LP in 1973 titled “No Turning Around”.

Eddie Mottau 1973 LP

1964 – Johnny Bond – Starday LP 298 – “Hot Rod Lincoln/Three Sheets to the Wind”

Johnny Bond was born in June of 1915 in Enville, Oklahoma Cyrus Whitfield Bond – Bond died on June 12th of 1978 at the age of 63 of a stroke.  Bond started off working with Gene Autry as an occasional member of “The Red River Boys”.  His second biggest hit was “10 Little Bottles” in 1965 reaching number 43 on Billboard’s Pop Charts – “Hot Rod Lincoln” reached number 26 five years earlier.

Image result for Johnny Bond billboard magazine

1963 – The Bonnevilles – Drum Boy DBLS 1001 – “Meet the Bonneviles!”

The Bonnevilles were formed in 1962 out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin later becoming “The Skunks”.  Members included Larry Lynn, Larry Ostricki, Ted Peplinski, Peter Funck, Danny Sesso, Johnny Cerniglia and Dennis Madigan.

1969 – T.S. Bonniwell – Capitol ST-277 – “Close”

T.S. Bonniwell was born in August of 1950 in San Jose, California Thomas Harvey Sean Bonniwell – He fronted “The Music Machine” – Bonniwell passed away on December 20th, 2011.  Bonniwell started off as a “folkie” playing guitar for “The Wayfarers”.  He then formed “The Ragamuffins” who evolved into the “Music Machine”.  His last venture into the recording studio came in 2006 when he worked with a group called “The Larksmen”.

1967 – The Bonniwell Music Machine – Warner Bros. WS 1732 – “The Bonniwell Music Machine”

This band was Bonniwell’s effort to keep “The Music Machine” going after the original group broke up.

Image result for T.S. Bonniwell billboard

1967 – Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart – A&M SP 4146 – “Test Patterns”

Boyce and Hart formed up as co-writers in the mid 1960’s and worked for the popular TV group “The Monkees” – Tommy Boyce died on September 29th, 1939.

Boyce and Hart would join up with a couple of Monkees in an effort to keep the love going.

Image result for Boyce and hart billboard

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