From the Land of Band Box Records

Doo Wop Sunday Night

July 10, 2017

The Regents

Start your day with this great doo-wop rendition of “Run Around” by the Regents – Songs like this didn’t see the light of day out here in the West…..  Denver’s Cruisin radio (now 1430 AM) played this great Regents’ song last night on the wonderful weekly radio show “Doo Wop Sunday Night” from the summer of 1961 – a follow up to their big hit “Barbara-Ann”.  “Runaround” topped off at number 28  nationally and that would be The Regents final appearance in the Hot 100.

The Regents formed in the late 1950’s out of the Bronx with original members Guy Villari, Sal Cuomo, Chuck Fassert, Don Jacobucci and Tony Gravagna.  They had first started off as “The Monterays” and that lineup included Ernie Maresaca who would pen “Runaround” for the Regents and “The Wanderer” for Dion as well as “Whenever a Teenager Cries” by Reparata and the Delrons.  The first recording of “Barbara-Ann” went nowhere without any label wishing to pick it up and so the group disbanded.

They reunited a short time later head up by Eddie Jacobucci from a group called “The Consorts”.  They redid the song but oddly a record producer elected to release the original track – and thus the original Regents reformed and they were on their way!  The group ended up having royalty problems (what’s new?) with Gee Records and so disbanded.

The Monotones

The Monotones formed in 1955 in Newark, New Jersey first with seven members before settling on the line-up seen here on their big smash hit “The Book of Love” which hit number 5 on the Hot 100 in the Spring of 1958.  The group started out singing with the “New Hope Baptist Choir” a group that was directed by Cissy Houston.

Their hit was loosely based on a TV commercial for Pepsident – “wonder where the yellow went” thought up by lead singer Charles Patrick.  The Monotones were truly a “one-hit-wonder” group not even penetrating the R&B charts after “The Book of Love” but it was a great one shot effort!

Only the lead singer Patrick and Warren Davis are living today.


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