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Yet Another California Tale

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P.F. Sloan was born in November of 1945 in New York City Philip Gary Schlein.   Sloan moved to Los Angeles and teamed up with Steve Barri recording together as “Philip and Stephan”, “The Rally Packs”, “The Wildcats”, “The Street Cleaners”, “The Themes” and more.  The duo would work closely with Jan and Dean providing production support, vocals  and more.

P.F. Sloan died on November 15th, 2015 at the age of 70 of cancer.

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Steve Barri was born in February of 1942 in New York City Steven Barry Lipkin. The two New Yorkers came together in California and partnered in music until Sloan’s departure from Dunhill Records.


P.F. Sloan

As “Flip Sloan

All I Want Is Loving b/w Little Girl in the Cabin – October, 1959 – Did Not Chart

As Phil Sloan

She’s My Girl b/w If You Believe Me – October, 1960 – Did Not Chart

As P.F. Sloane

I Get Out of Breath b/w This Mornin’ – July, 1965 – Did Not Chart

As P.F. Sloan

LP – Dunhill 50004 – Songs of Our Times – 1965

LP – ABC/Dunhill 50007 – Twelve More Tunes – 1966

LP – ATCO 33-268 – “Measure Of Pleasure – 1968

LP – Mums 31260 – Raised On Records – 1972

The Sins of the Family – September, 1965 – Charted #87 b/w This Mornin’

Halloween Party b/w I’d Have To Be Out Of My Mind – October, 1965 – Did Not Chart

From A Distance – April, 1966 – Charted #109 Bubbling Under Charts b/w Patterns Seg. 4

City Woman b/w On Top of A Fence – July, 1966 – Did Not Chart

A Melody For You b/w I Found a Girl – November, 1966 – Did Not Chart

Sunflower, Sunflower b/w  The Man Behind the Red Balloon – March, 1967 – Did Not Chart

Karma (A Study of Divinations) b/w I Can’t Help But Wonder Elizabeth – Did Not Chart

New Design/An the Boundaries In-Between/Above and Beyond The Call of Duty – November, 1968 – Did Not Chart

New Design b/w Star Gazin’ – April, 1969 – Did Not Chart

Let Me Be b/w Springtime – August, 1972 – Did Not Chart

Steve Barri

Story of the Ring b/w I Want Your Love – 1961 – Did Not Chart

Please Let It Be You b/w Down Around the Corner – April, 1961 – Did Not Chart

Don’t Run Away From Love b/w Two Different Worlds – 1962 – Did Not Chart

Never Before b/w Whenever You Kiss Me – 1962 – Did Not Chart

P.F. Sloan and Steve Barri

The Fantastic Baggys

LP – Tell Em I’m Surfing – 1965


Tell ‘Em I’m Surfin’ b/w A Surfer Boy’s Dream Come True – July, 1964 – Did not chart

Anywhere the Girls Are b/w Debbie Be True – October, 1964 – Did Not Chart

It Was I (composer Gary Paxton) – It Was I b/w Alone On the Beach – March, 1965

As The Wildcats

The Swim b/w Up Stream – March, 1964 – Did Not Chart

As The Life Guards

Swimtime U.S.A. b/w Swim Party – April, 1964 – Did Not Chart

As the Rally-Packs

Move Out, Little Mustang b/w Bucket Seats – May, 1964 – Did Not Chart

As Philip and Stephan

Meet Me Tonight Little Girl b/w When You’re Near You’re So Far Away – November, 1964 – Did Not Chart

As The Themes

Theme From Peyton Place (Allison’s Theme) b/w Paula’s Percussion – November, 1964 – Did Not Chart

As Sheridan Hollenbeck Orchestra and Chorus

Tokyo Melody b/w Michelle’s Melody – November, 1964 – Did Not Chart

As the Street Cleaners

That’s Cool, That’s Trash b/w Garbage City – November, 1964 – Did Not Chart

As Willie & The Wheels

Skateboard Craze b/w Do What You Did – June, 1965 – Did Not Chart

P.F. Sloan & Steve Barri Composing for Other Musicians


Eve Of Destruction – 1965 – Did Not Chart

Terry Black

Unless You Care – October, 1964 – Charted #99 Hot 100 Charts b/w Can’t We Go Somewhere?

Everyone Can Tell b/w Say It Again – January, 1965 – Did Not Chart

Little Liar – May, 1965 – #10 Canada Pop Charts b/w Ordinary Girl

How Many Guys – July, 1965 – Did Not Chart

Baby’s Gone – September, 1966 – Did Not Chart

Kisses for My Baby – November, 1965 (Canada)

There’s Something About You – February, 1966 (Canada)

Bruce and Terry

Summer Means Fun – July, 1964 – #72 Hot 100 Charts


Take Me For What I’m Worth – 1980 – Did Not Chart

Paul Craig

Autumn – November, 1966 – UK

The Dickies

Eve Of Destruction – August, 1978 (UK)

Johnny Duhan

An Eve of Destruction – 1983 – Ireland

The Elementary School Band

Lollypop Train (You Never Had It So Good) – November, 1965 – Did Not Chart

Shelley Fabares

See Ya Round on the Rebound b/w Pretty Please – September, 1966 – Did Not Chart

The 5th Dimension

Another Day, Another Heartache – April, 1967 – #45 Hot 100 Charts

Geof Harrison

Eve of Destruction – April, 1984 – UK

The Grass Roots

Barri and Sloan composed and produced for the Grass Roots up until Sloan’s departure at which time Barri stayed on with the group – usually taking a producing role.

You’re A Lonely Girl – September, 1965 – Did Not Chart

Where Were You When I Needed You June, 1966 – #28 Hot 100 Charts b/w (These Are) Bad Times

Only When You’re Lonely – September, 1966 – #96 Hot 100 Charts b/w This Is What I Was Made For

Tip of My Tongue b/w Look Out Girl – November, 1966 – Did Not Chart

Let’s Live For Today – May, 1967 – #8 Hot 100 Charts b/w Depressed Feeling

Things I Should Have Said – August, 1967 – #23 Hot 100 Charts b/w Tip of My Tongue

Wake Up, Wake Up – October, 1967 – #68 Hot 100 Charts

Melody For You – February, 1968 – Did Not Chart

Here’s Where You Belong – March, 1968 – Did Not Chart

Bella Linda – November, 1968 – #28 Hot 100 Charts

Glory Bound – February, 1972 – #34 Hot 100 Charts

Noel Harrison

The Man Behind the Red Balloon – July, 1966 – Did Not Chart

Herman’s Hermits

A Must To Avoid – December, 1965 – #8 Hot 100 Charts

Hold On! – April, 1966 – Did Not Chart

Jan and Dean

(Here They Come) From All Over the World – March, 1965 – #56 Hot 100 Charts

I Found a Girl – September, 1965 – #30 Hot 100 Charts

Barry McGuire

Eve of Destruction – August, 1965 – #1 for one Week b/w What’s Exactly the Matter With Me –

Upon a Painted Ocean – October, 1965 – Charted #117 b/w Child of Our Times

This Precious Time b/w Don’t You Wonder Where It’s At – November, 1965 – Did Not Chart

I’d Have to Be Outta My Mind – May, 1966 – Did Not Chart

Lollipop Train – December, 1967 – Did Not Chart

Ivans Meads

The Sins of a Family – October, 1965 – UK

The Oscar Bicycle

On a Quiet Night – January, 1968 – UK

The Paramounts

You Never Had It So Good – October, 1965 – UK


Blue Lipstick – 1965 – #10 Canada

The Red Rockers

Eve of Destruction – August, 1984 – Did Not Chart

The Rhythm Heritage

I Wouldn’t Treat A Dog (The Way You Treated Me) – October, 1975 – Did Not Chart

The Rip Chords

One Piece Topless Bathing Suit – August, 1964 – #96 Hot 100 Charts b/w Wah-Wahini

Johnny Rivers

Secret Agent Man – March, 1966 – #3 Hot 100 Charts

The Roamers

Eve of Destruction – 1965 – Did Not Chart

Round Robin

Kick That Little Foot Sally Ann – May, 1964 – #61 Hot 100 Charts

The Saharas

This Mornin’ – January, 1966 – Did Not Chart

The Searchers

Take Me For What I’m Worth – January, 1966 – #76 Hot 100 Charts

The Sidekicks

Miss Charlotte – January, 1967 – Did Not Chart

Sir Henry & His Butlers

Eve Of Destruction – October, 1965 – Denmark

The Sunny Girls

From a Distance – July, 1968 – Sweden

The Turtles

Let Me Be – October, 1965 – #29 Hot 100 Charts

You Baby – January, 1966 – #20 Hot 100 Charts

Can I Get To Know You Better – October, 1966 – Did Not Chart

Vivian Vee

Eve Of Destruction – January, 1984 – UK


  1. Images from 45 cat helped you. Glad I could be of service.

    • Yep – good old 45 Cat – I have been a contributor of over 5 years with nearly 30,000 images and over 9,000 records added. Slowing down these days however – But still glad I could be of service.

  2. S&B’s success as songwriters is impressive, but except for Sins of a Family and Tell ‘Em I’m Surfin’ there really wasn’t much going on as artists. Also, I was curious to hear The Peyton Place Theme which you credit to them, but according to Anthony Reichert it was pretty much Lou Adler producing The Wrecking Crew; were S&B in on the arranging or co-production (uncredited)? Also, I looked up Sheridan Hollenbeck, but found no information – unless “he” was S&B. (Fun to hear the record again – we used to use it for deadrolls up to the network news on top 40 radio!

    Thanks for all the hard work and research; I always enjoy reading and chasing down things in your posts!

    Country Paul

    • Was a reference on the Barri and Sloan writing credits only on the B side

    • Not sure what you mean by “not much going on as artists”. Check 45cat.com for P.F. Sloan and Steve Barri as recording artists. Also as Rally Packs, The Imaginations, Stephen and Phil, The Storytellers (Steve and Carol Connors) etc. Plenty of stuff going on. If you mean “hits”, who cares? Tons of great recordings, and as a collector I want it all (have most already)

  3. Sorry…I was responding to countrypaul who stated that Sloan nor Barri did much as (performing, singing) artists.

    • Now it’s my turn to have posted something incomplete. Frank, I meant not that they didn’t record a lot (which I’m grateful that they did – The Storytellers’ “I Don’t Want an Angel” ranks high among my favorites – but that they didn’t have bigger hits for themselves as artists. I agree that now, “Hits, who cares?” Happily, we can share the joy here and with other friends who “still have ears” for the era, but it would have been nice to share it with more people back then. No aspersions were intended to be cast, and I’ve enjoyed discovering several of the records whose labels are posted here but that I hadn’t heard of previously.

      Speaking of odd Sloan-Barri recordings, I should give a shout-out to Murray “The K” Kaufman’s version of “Sins of a Family” on Red Bird, the flip of “It’s What Happenin’ Baby” from 1965. It’s a far better performance than I expected (and to my taste a heck of a lot better record than the novelty A side), and producer Trade Martin’s signature tuba brings a quirky yet oddly appropriate touch to the track – I don’t recall any other rock record with a tuba playing the bass line! Hear it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=85YWsWcYqTE

      Country Paul

      PS – I assume our readers know that Murray was one of the most important New York DJs in the late ’50s and ’60s, both when he was a top 40 guy before he became “the fifth Beatle” (both on the legendary WINS) and after as one of the earlier progressive-FM album-rock guys (on WOR-FM). As a side note, on WINS, Murray was the first New York DJ to play The Beatles; he used to do “The Record Review Board,” which paired hot new records for competitive telephone voting for the favorite. In July (I think), 1963, he played “From Me to You” by both The Beatles and Del Shannon. If my memory serves me well, Shannon got something like 360 or so votes, The Beatles got in the low double digits. Of course, six months later, the world changed.

      • I’d forgot more about Murray the K than I remember; he was definitely part of a lot of major doings in his era. Check out https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murray_the_K.

        Country Paul

      • Great stuff Paul – That initial “From Me to You” release was just so doggone obscure – Shannon I believed toured the U.K. in ’63 where he picked up on the Beatles phenom and had the insight to record “From Me To You” charting in late June of 1963 (reaching number 77 ) – In August of that summer the Beatles’ creeped onto the Bubbling Under charts at number 116. But even more ridiculously rare was the first release in February – “Please Please Me” b/w “Ask Me Why” (Vee Jay 498) – I heard that some jukeboxes on the East Coast stocked that single for a very short time and then pulled it.

        But checking the ARSA radio survey resource “Please Please Me” on Vee Jay 498 did manage to chart on at least a handful of U.S. stations – including San Francisco (KFXM), Sacramento (KXOA), San Bernardino (KFXM), Chicago (WLS), Miami (WQAM), Honolulu (KPOI) and Houston (KNUZ)

        The highest reported charting position (to date) in the US was number 40 in both California and Chicago – both in the Spring of 1963.

      • Wow – thank you for shining a light on that history; I had no idea there was US Beatles action that early. I am also probably wrong about July being the month of the Record Review Board; it could well have been June. These days I often remember events but forget the exact time they occurred.

      • The little bit of information you have forgotten regarding music is infinitely more than the total of my music knowledge – especially first hand experience knowledge such as that you enjoyed with such a rich career in the industry! Keep it Coming!

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