From the Land of Band Box Records

Gene Cornish – A “Beetle” before a “Rascal”

July 22, 2017

1964 – The Unbeatables – Dawn 5050
“Live at the Palisades Amusement Park N.J.”

Image result for gene cornishFuture “Young Rascal”  Gene Cornish was a member of this group and they did release a single “I Wanna Be a Beetle” in March of 1964 which is included on this long play.  Can’t seem to locate the names of the other “Unbeatables” other than a reference to them being an “interracial” group.   The group spelled their name “Unbeetables” on their Dawn 45.

There are hints in Gene’s Wiki bio that he brought Eddie Brigati and Felix Cavaliere from “The Starliters” into the “Unbeatables”.  But that doesn’t fulfill the “interracial” reference unless a fourth member fit the bill.  Cavaliere’s bio references his participation in two bands, “The Stereos” and then “The Escorts” before landing in “The Starliters” backing Joey Dee.

Below Cornish also released a Dawn single with “The Tomlin Sisters” releasing two tracks which apparently were penned by Gene and a relative (brother?).

His two Vassar Records releases were a bit earlier, in 1962 with the first featuring a band called “The Cornish Nobles”.  The co-composer on a few of the Vassar tracks was Lew Douglas who fronted his own orchestra and also recorded for Vassar.

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