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The Velvets/Velvits – Jimmy and Jimmy

July 24, 2017

1967 – Jimmy Velvet – Velvet Tone 501 – “Sings a Touch of Velvet”

Jimmy Velvet was born in Jacksonville, Florida Jimmy Tennant. Velvet first worked with another singer James Mullins from Coalgate, Oklahoma who called himself “Jimmy Velvit”.  After splitting up Tennant began using “Jimmy Velvet” for his performing name and Mullins also continued on as “Jimmy Velvit” – a little confusing.  To add to the confusion – both recorded a single titled “We Belong Together”.  Another confusing issue was that Tennant also record is “Velvit”

Jimmy below continues on today and has even composed an “autobiography” “Inside the Dream” which was first published in 2007.  He met singer Elvis Presley at one point in Jacksonville – and they became friends for life – which is reported in the biography.

Velvet managed a couple of charting singles, the above mentioned “We Belong Together” charting in December of 1963 reaching number 75.  His other “hit” was “It’s Almost Tomorrow” which peaked at number 93 in 1965.  He did release many singles from 1958 through 1973 a few of which are shown below – one as part of a duo called “Kitt n Kory”.

The Other Jimmy (Mullins – aka “Jimmy Velvit”

Image result for james mullins and jimmy tennant

Inside the Dream

Image result for inside the dream book

Image result for Jimmy Velvet



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