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Oh Where Have Ye Gone – Jerri Meers Jerri Meers – On West Denver!

December 11, 2017

Band Box Artists:
Jerrolyn Meers and Mike Daniel

Jerrolyn Meers

Not familiar with Mike Daniels but I have learned (December of 2017) that Jerrolyn attended Denver West High School graduating with the Class of 1965.  I hustled off to locate her photo and came up with this one – from her Junior year – (I was with the Class of ’64).  I think Jerrolyn or “Jerri” maintained a low profile – but I did learn that she was much involved with music singing in the school chorus, performing on the nationally known “Singing Christmas Tree” at West and playing violin in the school orchestra.

The Singing Christmas Tree was started in at Denver West in 1941 and is the oldest such indoor human singing tree in the nation – continuing on during this 2017 Holiday Season.  The structure for this newest version was shipped in from another State and reassembled for this year’s concert.

Jerri With Bud Poindexter

Jerri performed later on with the late pianist John “Bud” Poindexter who led his own jazz combo The Bud Poindexter Trio/Four.  He passed away in August of 2007.  The LP shown above was recorded in 1962 and reissued in 1994.

I contacted several classmates from Jerri’s class and no one knows of her current status or whereabouts.  She recorded at Band Box just one year after her graduation.

Jerri Meers – West High Singing Christmas Tree 1964

1946 Edition of the West Singing Christmas Tree

45 EP – Keyboard KEP 705 – “It Could Happen to You” – “I’m in Love Again” – “Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off” b/w “If I Love Again” – “I’ll Never Say Never, Again, Again” – “The Party’s Over” – 1966.

Doc Krieger recently (November 2017) located this obscure graphic sleeve issued with the Keyboard extended play.

keyboard-records-1 keyboard-records-2

On West Denver!

See the source image

Participants are a combination of West High Alumni and current students due to today’s “West High” having been transformed from a full fledged Denver High School to the dual program  creation of the “West Leadership Academy” and the “West Generation Academy”.

See the source image

Denver’s Only “Downtown” Public High School

Both grew from the severely declining graduation rates at old Denver West –  plummeting in the 120 year old school to about 53 percent – lowest in Denver.  West Generation will focus on preparation to enter the vibrant skilled Trades while West Leadership will focus on preparation for and paths leading to higher education.

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