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Strange Tales of the ‘Fax’ He Does Harber…..This is the Story of Jonny Barber!

April 16, 2018

Finally dropped in to the Colfax Museum…..

….the other day with my two adult sons – highly recommended by former Sonic guitar player John Sunderland who had recently visited the museum.

We arrived at the Colfax Museum which is housed within the Ed Moore Flower Shop at 6101 East Colfax Avenue.  The creator of the Colfax Museum is Jonny Barber.  The florists told us that they weren’t sure when he would be coming in but to go ahead and look around.

I was really hoping to meet Barber who christens himself  “The Velvet Elvis” but after about a half hour of perusing the jam packed displays and thoroughly adorned walls, we started to depart.  And then…..

The Velvet Elvis Has Entered The Building!

I can’t begin to really explain the phenomenon that is Jonny Barber.  You have to experience it first hand.  He held court with myself and my sons for the next 2 hours.  Both of my sons – James and Jeff – have resided in the East Colfax corridor for many years, both 20 or more years.  The hearts are definitely entombed within the “Fax”.

I first came across Jonny one afternoon up in Golden where he was entertaining the biker crowd on the outside back patio of the Buffalo Rose accompanied by “The Rhythm Razors” who sometimes performed as “The Living Deads” (Wow! You should see the stand-up bass player – Symphony Tidwell!

But back to the Colfax Museum…..the guy in the pink tootoo on roller  skates – the trolley loop out to Fitzs – peeping toms – a first edition of Jack Kerouac’s “On the Road” (Barber finds a 1940’s small square black and white photo lodged within the pages – Yikes! It is a lone figure resting on a bench along Colfax near Cathedral – It is JACK KEROUAC! – A very rare photo indeed!

Tales of cops, busts, the demise of the Aladdin – the Bluebird – the Satire – Dylan – characters long vanished. – Barber’s journey across the west – following the footprints of the Beat Generation – “For God’s sake – the Beats started here!”

You have to visit the Colfax Museum – but make sure Barber hasn’t LEFT THE HOUSE!

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