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Around Our Town – Part 2

May 4, 2018

Milk Delivered to Your Door – and More!

Here’s a second round of Denver/Boomer Haunts….. Time flies but the memories remain….

Cinderella City Shopping Mall

Denver color malls helped us as shoppers to know exactly where we were at all times …. But I remember constantly wandering around completely lost…..

I remember a stampede mob scene of people converging on Cinderella City when it had it’s grand opening in March of 1968

Denver Broncos

Beating the Oakland Raiders was indeed an event back in 1977 – when that feat had only been accomplished maybe once – maybe not at all since the formation of the American Football League in 1960.   Denver was one of the only cities who held huge parades after losing a super bowl!

The “Three Amigos” would come along a bit later receiving bullets from John Elway

Carbones Italian Bakery/Deli and Restaurant

A long-time North Denver establishment located on Tejon Street just down from Gaetano’s – today it is Lachuga’s

Carlson Frink Milk

So many Denver Boomers enjoyed this delight delivered a couple of times a week to our doors in those great amber bottles..

All the door-to-door delivery guys (Happy Home, Carlson Frink, Etc.,) wore cute little uniforms including adorable caps…  The Happy Home delivery guy was perhaps one of the happiest people I ever met!  If anyone has a photo of any of the Happy Home guys or their trucks – please send them my way.

Celebrity Sports Center

Celebrity was open around the clock for bowling and featured about 10,000 lanes – Late at night they would have great bowling deals – perhaps three or four bucks for all you could bowl – and they piped in rock and roll as aired by KIMN radio!

Celebrity indeed was the kind of place that a family would join hands and madly dash across the parking lot to get to the fun as fast as possible!

Central City Face on the Barroom Floor

There is a lot of myth and legend surrounding this painting which resides in the old Teller House Bar.  It was painted in 1936 (I always thought it was from the Gold Mining Days) by artist Herndon Davis.

I had heard stories that he painted it while in a drunken remorseful stupor agonizing over a lost love – not true – but you can dream can’t you.  Central City is diminished today …..

Cherry Creek Dam Reservoir

Not much I can say about this – It remains today – with it’s little beach – a place Janet took the children serving little burritos wrapped up in tin foil for lunch between dips in the cold water

The Cinderella Twin Drive-In

Located out south in Littleton, the Cinderella Twin outlived the nearby shopping center “Cinderella City” by a few years – but like almost all the local drive-in’s such as the “Compass” chains, long gone…

The Civic Center

A long-time tradition in Denver, the Civic Center lights have attracted 100’s of thousands over the decades in downtown Denver

Colfax Avenue

Named after Colorado politician Schuyler Colfax (who was our nation’s Vice President from 1869 thru 1873) the “Fax” runs for an uninterrupted 26 miles through Denver and it’s suburbs.


This Golden brewery has enjoyed a long enduring career – the beer brewed with “pure Rocky Mountain Spring Water” – As did many back then – friends of our family would visit Denver and make it point to take home several cases of Coors since they couldn’t get it in their own State…

Daddy Bruce Randolph Street

Running through Denver’s northern “Five Points” district the street is a testament to true Denver hero – Daddy Bruce Randolph who shared his bounty with the poor of Denver

Denver Bears Stadium

Located on the grounds of today’s Bronco stadium – (still waiting for a new name) this was the location for the great farm team of the New York Yankees – boasting a lineup at one time of Tony Kubek, Bobby Richardson, John Blanchard, Marv Thornberry, Ralph Terry and more.

The Denver Drumstick

Remember those great little boxes which would be transported out from the back kitchen on an electric toy railroad …

Denver Dry Goods

Or just the “Denver Dry” until it’s demise

Denver Public Library Mobile Unit

Downtown Denver

As you can see 16th Street wasn’t always a walking mall – three lanes of traffic running one way – perfect for cruisin’

Drum City

This was drummer Ronny Kae’s store in Wheat Ridge carried on now by his son/s


You had to be there on St. Pat’s day

Duffy’s Delicious Drinks

I remember these being featured at every Cub Scout softball game after the game – affordable and local

Elitch Gardens

Couldn’t wait for our family’s once-each-summer outing to this North Denver park

Estes Park

The gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park – Three words:  Salt Water Taffy!

Fitzsimons General Hospital U.S. Army

Many World War II and Viet Nam wounded vets and Korea – passed through this hospital located out east in Aurora – Sort of weird that they had their own matches…. Wonder what the surgeon general thought of that

Fred and Fay Taylor

Long-time Denver kids TV show hosts

Gates Rubber Company

Tires – industrial belts and all things rubber – a national leader while they lasted…

Golden Point Restaurant

In Denver an early competitor for the McDonald chain – I worked at Miller’s supermarket with one of these in the same lot – 10 cent burgers and 15 cent fries!

Hub Cap Annie in Aurora

Wonder where your hub caps disappeared to?  Look no further…

The Hungry Farmer

JCRS Shopping Center

Only Casa Bonita has survived the constantly revolving retail door of this West Colfax early-era shopping center

Joe Awful Coffee

Located at 1120 17th Street


Gone the way of ‘Monkey’ Wards – The Denver Dry and many others

Fabulous KIMN

Number 1 in the West!

King’s Food Host

King’s featured telephones at each booth where you would call in your order from your table – One drawback was that your voice would echo loudly across the entire restaurant!

The Lakeshore Drive-In

Located on Sheridan Blvd., right next door to Arlan’s Department Store and a stone’s throw from the KIMN studio – more likely than not there was a couple of teens hiding in the trunk of that car entering the drive-in!

Lakeside Speedway

The speedway skeleton still stands today with all sorts of junk stored on the premises – the stands ready to collapse and overgrown with every imaginable weed and wild bushes – Loved the demolition events and the ‘figure eights’ – The grand Lakeside Amusement Park tower can been seen in the background


Another one bites the dust!  There’s the Daniels and Fisher tower down the street…. 16th street obviously back in the 1940’s

Lincoln High School

Shot taken in 1964 which would place these teens in my era! (Class of ’64) – I wonder if Buster Snyder pulled them over….

The Little Banquet

Luby’s Cafe

Not many of the old smorgasbord cafes remain – People not generally eating that way… and there’s Lakeside Amusement Park right next door…


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