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More Denver Haunts from Back in the Day (Part 3)

May 6, 2018

Another Cruise Through Denver….

Here’s yet another batch of places – people and things from a bygone era in and around Denver….

Compass Drive-In Theaters

How many of these did you sneak into hiding in the trunk of your 1951 Chevy?

Fox Theaters

We used to have so many choices with the Fox Theaters – Only the Mayan is in operation today as an independent movie house..


I reckon that Neal Cassidy and maybe Jack Kerouac may have dined here…

Jim’s Burger Haven

The original was on Federal Blvd., in the Barnum neighborhood (now called “Grandpa’s”) – A favorite of Denver West High students – Many of the Burger Haven female staff were also West students…

Would love to get a photo from back then (1960’s)

Jolly Rancher Creamery

Located in Golden I would guess there was an association with the Jolly Rancher candy company which was located on Ward Road before selling out and closing down the Colorado operation

More Joslins

Northwoods Inn

People loved to talk about the place where you could “throw peanut shells on the floor” – And this ad bears that little tradition out… I don’t think anyone every ate shelled peanuts other than at a baseball game and – The Northwoods Inn!

Old Timer’s Baseball

There was nothing like it – No parents (weekday games) – no adult coaches – teenage umpires – the way little league should be..

Peaches Records

Not sure why – Peaches wasn’t my favorite record haunt – Denver’s store was located on East Evans and Downing…

The Pizza Oven

I had my first slice of pizza at a basement sock hop – at the home of one of my friends.  His mother served pizza with only a little tomato sauce – in a long vertical pan -I generally shied away from anything with tomato on it – but I was won over and eventually would make my way to Bob’s on South Sheridan Blvd., and then was up for pizza anywhere any time…



  1. For a few summers (starting about 1958 or 59), my brother and I worked at the Valley Drive-In. We were that guys that washed your windshield if you needed a clear view of the movie. (Not everyone was there to watch the movie.) We were not paid for our work, nor were we provided washer fluid or drying rags. We worked for tips. When tickets were $0.80, change from $2 was 1 quarter, 1 dime, and 1 nickel. A big tipper might give us the entire $0.40. Some gave us nothing, presuming that we were paid. On a good night, the two of us might split $20 for 4 hours work. This is how I raised my share of expenses for a Boy Scout canoe excursion in Minnesota.

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