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The Hit Parade 1950 – Part 1

May 15, 2018

1950 HIT PARADE Trade Ads FROM CASH BOX! – Part One

All of these trade ads appeared in Cash Box magazine – The magazine appeared in 1942 on August 11th and continued on until 1996.  Cash Box made comeback of sorts in 2006 with it’s on-line version.

Here are a sampling of some great trade ads from 1959 – Many more to come in the following year….

Dave Apollon February

Eileen Barton – February

Phil Britos – March

Bobby Colt – March

Janette Davie – January

Fats Domino & Jewell King – February

Jimmy Dorsey – March

Red Foley – January

Benny Goodman – February

Imperial Records – March

Little Esther with Johnny Otis – March

Amos Milburn and Charles Brown – January


  1. Brilliant feature. Love to see the record adverts from back then. Brings back great memories,

  2. Wow. “Sensational new zither style”? Yeah, that really caught on….!

    Keep up the great work!!!

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