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The Hit Parade 1959 – Part 3

May 16, 2018

1959 Hit Parade from Cash Box! – Part Three

I found the Beatniks interesting – In perusing through the pages of Cash Box I discovered several trade ads for the group – Seems someone believed in them or maybe the group had pictures – They never charted – and I have never seen a copy of their apparently lone 45.

By the way – when an ad appears in my Posts and is rather small – then it was not a full-page or half-page ad.

And I have to admit I always liked Annette’s “Tall Paul” (did any of you guys buy that record?  I did!)

Johnny Adams

The Ames Brothers

Paul Anka

Annette (alone) & together with Roberta Shore

Ray Anthony

Jimmy Barnes

The Beatniks

Jessie Belvin

Bob & Travis

Cathy Carr

Ann Castle

Shaye Cogan

Sam Cooke

Dave “Baby” Cortez

77 Sunset Strip

Ace Records Artists

Back Beat Records Artists

One Comment

  1. some great ones here. my favourite of this year -Wilbert Harrisons ‘Kansas City’.

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