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Hit Parade Trade Ads – 1940’s Part 1

May 17, 2018


In response to Mike Prescott’s query regarding posting some earlier trade ads – I went back into the earliest issues (1944).

I discovered that in those early years of the publication – everything was Juke Box – vending coin machines – game machines and the like.  Presented below are some images (covers mostly) telling the tale of where Cash Box was at in that late WWII time.  Recordings didn’t really surface in CB until early 1946 – and then I could only locate a single placement – a very obscure listing for “Dan Ma Shod and the Angelinos with Dale Scott Vocalist”.

Not exactly an earth shaker moment.  That listing came from the January 7th, 1946 issue.

Found one very interesting listing in the January 3rd, 1948 issue which depicts an Eddie Arnold placement – Look at the ad positioned below Arnold’s.  Wow!  “Thomas A. Parker” seeking talent for management!  Parker began talent scouting in 1938 first managing Gene Austin picking the singer up when his popularity began to wain (he had already sold nearly 90 million records at the time).  In 1952 Parker would take on a young performer – Tommy Sands – and then a few years later – 1955 – he would land the big one – The King!

Mr. Parker

Here are some of the CB Covers and some inside content pre-musician promoting

Cash Box January 1st, 1944

Cash Box Cover & Inside Page January 11th, 1944

Supporting the WWII Cause

Cash Box February 29th, 1944

It’s all about the machines….

Cash Box December 5th, 1944

Feelings still running strong

Cash Box – January 7th, 1946 – Cover and Inside Page

Wurlitzer and Rock-Ola

The Musicians and the Discs Appear

Cash Box – January 1st, 1948

The cover of this issue and inside trade ads begin to promote the recordings!

Eddy Howard

Kay Beatrice

Peggy Lee

Eddie Vinson – Jimmy Liggins – The Ravens

These R&B performers were promoted right along side of the white musicians vs. a “race record” section as in other publications in the early days.

Cash Box – January 1st, 1949

By 1949 – Cash Box was taking on a look which would prevail well into the 1950’s – and accepting many more artists record listings.

The Bailes Brothers

Charles Brown Trio

Al Jolson and The Mills Brothers

One of the very first trade ads to promote multiple recording artists representing a record label – Decca

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  1. Very enjoyable list again. I cant get enough of these adverts from the 40s on. Thanks a lot.

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