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November 27, 2018

KIMN’s Bomb of the Week

From May 4th of 1959 up into the Spring of 1960 KIMN jocks or somebody – selected a “stinker” to feature weekly.  A few of the stinkers went onto chart both on KIMN and nationally.

Especially successful on KIMN was Homer and Jethro’s “Battle of Kookamonga” going all the way to number 2 on KIMN and number 14 on Billboard’s Hot 100 – their only appearance on the national singles chart.

May 4th, 1959 – The Class – Chubby Checker (Peaked at Number 18)

Chubby doing his best musician imitations – His 1st recording for Parkway

May 11th, 1959 – Zimba Lula – The Rays

The “Silhouettes” Rays – That song was first released on this XYZ label – XYZ continued to release additional songs by the Rays after their 1957 smash for three more years!

May 18th, 1959 – Back, Shack, Track – Big Jay McNeely

West coast label “Swingin'” Records had an impressive stable – but few hits – with Marvin Philips of “Marvin and Johnny” fame, Little Johnny Taylor and Floyd Dixon, Rochelle and the Candles and Sonny Knight

May 25th, 1959 – Mope Itty Mope – The Boss Tones

June 1st, 1959 – The Enchanted Farm – The Forbidden Five

Composer Bobby Hammack also offered up the gems “Brazilian Hobo” and “Vienna Bongo”!  Hammack was Texas born and found his way to Los Angeles where he composed television scores for many programs including Red Skelton, Glen Campbell and Ed Sullivan.

June 8th, 1959 – Geronimo – The Renegades

Well, not surprisingly – The Renegades were yet another Hollywood studio musician assembly with future Beach Boy Bruce Johnston, Nick Venet, Sandy Nelson and Richard Podolor.  Nick Venet was responsible for signing the Beach Boys to the Capitol Records label – Entire blog posts could be devoted to Venet.

Richard Podolor was the driving producing force behind Three Dog Night – a group which also had ties to the Beach Boys via member Danny Hutton working with Brian Wilson – The

June 22nd, 1959 – Gila Monster – Joe Johnson

June 29th, 1959 – Two Weeks With Pay – George Young and the Rockin’ Bocs

In later years Young was a sax player for the TV program “Saturday Night Live”

July 13th, 1959 – Fly Carpet Fly – Will Jordan

July 20th, 1959 – The Mummy – Bob McFadden and Dor (Peaks No. 1)

McFadden was the force behind TV cartoon shows such as “Milton the Monster” and “The Thundercats” and others – He was also a featured voice character on the hugely popular long play “The First Family” by Vaughn Meader in 1962.

My parents purchased that record and it drove me nuts after two or three plays.

July 29th, 1959 – Jamie Made a Monster – The Fabulous Five

August 10th, 1959 – I Fell Out Of Love With Love – Simon Crum

I’ve posted previously about this guy – none other than Ferlin Husky!

August 24th, 1959 – Not So Quiet Village – Orlando

A dig a Martin Denny’s hit

August 31st, 1959 – The Battle of Kookamonga – Homer & Jethro (Peaks No. 2)

Corn Pone duo Homer and Jethro made one appearance on the Billboard Hot 100 – and this was it – coming in at number 14 – They were Kenneth Bruns and Henry Haynes.

September 7th, 1959 – Coming ‘Round the Mountain – Johnny Two Voice

This was R&B singer Johnnie Morisette

September 20th, 1959 – The People Hater – Jerry & Brad

As though eating people were not enough….

September 27th, 1959 – Look Out For The Clothesline – Bob Calloway & The Chicks

October 11th, 1959 – Tennessee Waltz – Bobby Comstock (Peaks No. 27)

Rocker Bobby Comstock didn’t think this was a novelty or a “bomb” as it peaked at number 52 on the Hot 100 nationally

October 25th, 1959 – Psycho Serenade – Big Jay McNeeley

The KIMN jocks bestow Big Jay with his second KIMN Bomb of the week!

October 28th, 1959 – She’s A Housewife, That’s All – Jerry Woodard

Jerry wouldn’t get away with this one today –

November 4th, 1959 – Where Did I Goof? – Elroy “Shadow” Peace

November 11th, 1959 – I Was A Teenage Reindeer – Jim Backus

Magoo you’ve done it again!

November 18th, 1959 – Georgia Slop – Jimmy McCracklin

November 25th, 1959 – Blabber Mouth – The Rookies

Can’t even locate a copy of this one… a true “bomb”

December 9th, 1959 – Chubby Checker – Whole Lot of Laughin’

Chubby’s follow-up to “The Class” – this one flopped – Chubby would soon turn his attention to twisting

December 16th, 1959 – A Perfect Day – Smitty and the Afterbeats

December 23rd, 1959 – Bingo – Bob McFadden

Bobby Bombs again!

December 30th, 1959 – The Old Boat – Eden Ahbez

Real name George Alexander Aberle – An influencer in the early hippie movement in California  – He left his mark composing a smash hit for Nat King Cole “The Nature Boy” in 1948 hitting number 1 in the nation for eight consecutive weeks – truly ahead of his time

Related image

January 6th, 1960 – Dear Little Boy Of Mine – Steve Evans

Steve was from Great Britain and later worked with Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant  – He was in a group called Spacemen 3 in 1982

January 13th, 1960 – You Crack Me Up – Charlie Baker

January 20th,, 1960 – What A Dolly – Red Berry & The Bel Raves

January 27th, 1960 – A Pair of Dice – Blink Rotinjail

This one is a tuffy to find on the “Ditto” label

February 3rd, 1960 – The Countryside – Jim Henson

The Muppet Master’s early effort pre-muppets

February 10th, 1960 – Foo Man Choo – The Revels

The KIMN Jocks were out of bands on this one

February 17th, 1960 – Were Wolf – The Frantics

Same with this rocker by Seattle’s Frantics

February 24th, 1960 – Ooh Poo Pah Doo – Jessie Hill (Peaks No. 34)

I think Lee the Weather Girl at KIMN must have been selecting these – This one’s legit – number 22 Billboard

March 9th, 1960 – Baby Talk – Mike & Lulu

Not a Jan and Dean parody

March 16th, 1960 – Tia Juana Ball – Bob Markley

March 25th, 1960 – Down In The Alley – Nappy Brown and the Gibraltars

This was the final “KIMN Bomb Of The Week”

April 20th, 1960 – The South Shall Rise Again – Dor & The Confederates

Yikes – gentle poet Rod McKuen penned this one


  1. Bought Bobby Comstock’s ‘Tennessee Waltz’ here in the UK in late ’59. Great favourite in our local.

  2. “Mope-itty Mope” a bomb? Dang, KIMN Music Director, that’s one of the greatest weird records from the doo-wop era! That bass singer kills at 20 paces!

    The Forbidden Five – Enchanted Farm – yeah, once Martin Denny turned the “bests” loose with “Quiet Village,” there was an infestation of human-made animal sounds on record. Bomb, indeed!

    “Entire blog posts could be devoted to [Nick] Venet.” Yes, they could – and more to his brother Steve, too. For a while it seemed that Nick was producing half of what came out on Capitol, while Steve was knocking around the indies. Check this wonderful low-budget quasi-Spectorian track by The Twilettes (certainly one of the most carefully pronounced group names, assuming this got on the radio): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GEDEcYrw0LM. Unfortunately, the lyrics lose it awfully in the second bridge, but what a sound!

    I found The Rookies’ “Blabbermouth”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6D07WWg73c. Not awful, but a definite Coasters rip-off.

    Revels – Foo Man Choo – Leiber and Stoller should have sued for writers’ credits! Good sound from a very versatile group who hit with Midnight Stroll (a/k/a Dead Man’s Stroll).I think I posted the story of how the record company went broke because the record was a hit. If not, I can….(Told to me by the owner’s son.)

    And finally, The South Shall Rise Again – Dor & The Confederates – couldn’t find it on the net, but I sure found a lot of hate speech regarding the south on YouTube. (And “Dor” was also on “The Mummy,” which I believe was Rod McKeun’s first vinyl appearance.)

    Enough for now – and thank you for more hours of fun!


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