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Oh Those Cover Girls!

April 11, 2019

Cover Ups

Was looking at a copy of the Knack’s summer of 1979 hit “My Sharona”.  While trying to find out who she was and where she ended up – I came across an interesting article titled “Who’s That Lady?”

Sharona Alperin

Some interesting tidbits there – Sharona was really a Sharona – Sharona Alperin to be precise – She was only 17 years old when she met the Knack’s lead vocalist, Doug Fieger.

Fieger pursued the young girl – risky business then – riskier now – and then about a year into the relationship had Sharona pose for the cover of the group’s “Get The Knack” LP where she held up a copy of what would become a smash hit number 1 single – staying atop the charts for six weeks.

The Knack hung around placing four additional songs on the charts up through 1981 and two more when the they regrouped in the 1990’s.

“My Sharona” was used in the 1994 film “Reality Bites”.

And Sharona?  Her cover girl days ended as quickly as they began – and she went on to find success as a real estate agent in southern California representing Sotheby’s.  Her business website?  ‘mysharona.com’ of course – where she boasts of placing entertainment professionals into their bungalows.

??? ‘Who’s that Lady’ ??

Black Sabbath’s 1970 self titled LP features a rather haunting figure – who apparently has been lost to time.  A little hard to imagine that with the internet that this lady has not been tracked down.

Lots of speculation here – some have put forth the theory that it is none other than Mr. Osborne.

That not being the case – the closest we have to an ID is she was simply a model.  One member of the band recalls that she showed up once backstage at a Black Sabbath concert and introduced herself simply as “Louise”.

Louise where are you now?

 Lisanne Falk

Don’t know how many copies of Foreigner’s 1979 “Head Games” long play I have passed over at garage sales and used record bins – The LP cover was a play on words – curious – but not my cup of team

Foreigner formed in New York City in 1976 – featuring two prominent Brit’s – Ian McDonald of King Crimson and Spooky Tooth’s Mick Jones.  The third member was American born Lou Gramm – their choice of a band name obvious.

“Head Games” was the band’s third LP release.

I never paused to think about it but Lisa is depicted in somewhat of a frantic pose – attempting to erase her graffiti scrawled name from the adjacent wall!

The world would come to learn that the girl was a model who had been placed by “The Ford Agency” for the cover shoot.  And her age at the time?  14!

Lisa went on to become a successful actor appearing in the lead role of the 1989 motion picture “Heathers” – a film which also starred Wynona Ryder.  She appeared in a couple dozen motion pictures and TV shows from 1982 up through 2002.

Suze Rotolo

Much is known of the girl on Bob’s 1963 debut LP “The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan”.  I posted on Bob’s girl friend Suze Rotolo back a few years ago after reading her very interesting “A Free Wheelin’ Time – A Memoir of Greenwich Village in the Sixties”. Which you can review here.

Natalia & Candy

The Cars have two memorable LP’s to their credit with interesting cover art stories –

The Cars’ debut LP titled “The Cars” featured a Russian model – Natalia Medvedeva – She became the first “face of new wave music” and this was probably her finest moment.  She was 20 years old when she posed for the LP – At the young age of 17 she appeared in Playboy Magazine.  She would go on to become a writer of fiction – one of the more noted being “Hotel California>

Natalia died in 2003 passing away as the result of a heart attack while residing in her homeland of Russia – She was 44 years old.

Their 1979 “Candy-O” featured a young lady provided by artist Alberto Vargas – Who was his model – Well, it was a “Candy” – Candy Moore to be – who as teenager appeared on “The Lucy Show” in the 1960’s playing the part of “Chris Carmichael – the TV daughter of Lucy herself.  Candy went on to appear in the boxing motion picture “Raging Bull”.

Eveline Grunwald & Constanze Karoli

Made a single mark in the world of rock and roll – The two were Portuguese lingerie models who happened to also be Roxy Music fans – Bryan Ferry met them during a concert and easily convinced them to pose for the cover of “Country Life”.  Don’t know what became of the the ladies after “Country Life”

Cassandra Peterson

Cassandra appeared in 1976 on an LP titled “Small Change” by Tom Waits.  Cassandra was a natural red head but would later transform her appearance and her persona in 1981 when she morphed into “Elvira, Mistress of the Dark”!

Lots of stories out there relating to the those LP covers of yesteryear……

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  1. Here’s a little history about eh two Roxy Music ladies: http://suspendyodisbelief.blogspot.com/2009/12/constanze-karoli-and-eveline-grunwald.html . I think Eveline became a yoga instructor.

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