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April 22, 2019

Before and After the Fab Four

The transition came on rather quickly after the Fab Four arrived – from the close cropped days of the 1950’s and early 1960’s.  Right into 1963 I was flat top all the way.  By the time I finished my freshman year in college my ‘long’ hair was getting me some threatening glances from folks in Fort Collins, Colorado.  And by all standards just a few years later my ‘long hair’ would have been considered almost military cut.

The Beatles actually experienced two transitions – first the “mop top” look which sort of changed the world – and then their final days together when seemingly no one could ever obtain too much hair.

I can only imagine what would have happened to me if the Barnum Gang had spotted me back in my neighborhood – yes – Barnum.

There was the time up at a 3.2 watering hole in the mountains west of Denver – at a place called Spinx Park – a bar that is still there today “The Bucksnort Saloon” – when an unruly group of cowboys (real cowboys) wanted to see “how many cowboys does it take to beat a Beatle”.

I could have told them probably only one – but they didn’t want to wait around for some snot nosed – smart ass remark.  Luckily I and my two friends escaped unharmed that night when the cowboys paired off with another notorious group – Eddie Duran and his gang from west Denver – and instead of fighting they all decided to head down to the nearby town of Pine where there was a paved road and have a drag race.

(Sophomore Year 1962 – Senior Year 1964 – West High)

My ‘Beatles’ days didn’t last for long – By the time I graduated from college my hair was rapidly heading for Telly Savalas land.

At any rate, here is a glimpse back at some who rode the wave of the times:

Let’s Begin with ‘America’s Oldest Teenager – Dick Clark

Image result for dick clark 1970'sImage result for dick clark 1970's

Willie Nelson – 1963/1975

Scott Engel (Scott Walker of The Walker Brothers) – 1958/1966

Elvis – 1956/1974

Bobby Goldsboro – 1966/1968

Charlie Rich – 1950’s/1972

Jimi Hendrix – 1950’s/1968

George Jones – 1959/1980

Roy Orbison – 1963/1972

Image result for roy orbisonImage result for roy orbison

Charlie Rich

Waylon Jennings

Frankie Valli – 1962/1970’s

Bobby Sherman – 1965/1970

Ricky/Rick Nelson – 1957/1972

Del Shannon – 1961/1966

P J Proby (formerly Jett Powers) – 1958/1966

Johnny Paycheck – 1950’s/1970’s

David Jones – 1965/1967

The Righteous Brothers – 1964/1974

Sylvester Stone – 1961/1968

Johnny Cash – 1957/1976

That brings us to Wayne Cochran…. 1966

who I don’t think ever had a ‘do’ other than this (Wayne composed J. Frank Wilson’s number 2 hit “Last Kiss”.)


  1. Great pix, great memories. I had a flat top too and remember getting wax from the barber that held it up in the front and on the sides. The Beatles with Pete Best looked like “greasers” which translated into “Teddy Boys” in England. Some of the singers who switched to Beatles haircuts looked fined, others not so much. Bobby Goldsboro just wasn’t cut out for a Beatles haircut. Another one who never should have tried the Beatles doo was the great Roy Orbison. (by the way, I think we’ve got four pix of the Silver Fox and none of The Big “O.”) As for Wayne Cochran, I always thought he really should have been one of those late-night TV preachers! (Remember, it is through your prayers and generous gifts (of a Monetary nature) that our ministry continues.)

  2. Your Roy Orbison picture is actually Charlie Rich.

  3. Yikes – I was playing Willie, Waylon and Cash on the radio when their records were new and they looked like their “before” pictures! Great post – fun.

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