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No Hit Wonders

June 4, 2019

It Is No Wonder – Music Trade Ads for “D” Category

The Daily News did not have a smash as it turns out – They would release one more single for Parrot and then – that was that.

Mark Damon arrived in the Spring of 1959 and was gone one year later – never to record again!  Good thing he had a career of sorts in motion pictures – He was born in 1933 (real name Alan Harris).  He was discovered while attending high school in Los Angeles by Grouch Marks!  His high mark was winning a Golden Globe for his role in “House of Usher” in 1960 starring Vincent Price.

Image result for house of usher movie poster

I have no idea who the Daps are or were – but they only surfaced briefly in 1960 when they appeared on the short lived Marterry record label in early 1959 – Marterry was a Chess brothers label.  But no hits.

Marterry would quickly evolve into the Argo label.

Onto the “D” Singers – Players and Groups

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  1. Here’s the Daps’ song – I sure can hear why it wasn’t a hit. I’m surprised the folks at Chess couldn’t hear it wasn’t, either! /www.youtube.com/watch?v=xgg2r_QDhS0

    The Daily News sounds to me like any and every other northern soul act: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1WGtpcneipw . Others may differ. The trade mag Walrus had a category for stuff like this, “Competent but undistinguished.”

    But it’s fascinating to see what people thought might be a hit. Thanks for opening up “the back pages”!

  2. Who is Groucho Marks? Any relation to David Marks (Beach Boy)?

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