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All the Hits that Fits..

June 20, 2019

Hits Magazine…

Started operations in October of 1987 presenting the world of music with a very slick and attractive format – featuring the artists of the day.

By 1987, live performances vs. hit singles was were it was at – where the money was at – and there has been no turning back.

Basia out of Poland logged just three charting singles and three long plays during a rather brief career on the U.S. charts.  Regina Belle’s career was equally short – She came out of New Jersey.

Damn Yankees was an assembly of ‘super stars’ which included Ted Nugent, Tommy Shaw, Jack Blades and Michael Carteilone.  Depeche Mode out of England enjoyed a rather lengthy run from 1981 into 2005 charting 16 long plays.  “Depeche Mode” translates to ‘fast fashion’. I did purchase a copy of “Just Can’t Get Enough” back in 1981 – That one didn’t even dent the charts.  They continue on today.

Rod Stewart  first charted in 1969 coming out of the Jeff Beck Group and Faces with his earliest grooming in music coming from his time with Long John Baldry.  Rod hit the top 10 many times into the 2000’s – 12 times with 3 number 1’s.  He placed over 50 records on the singles charts – but “Tonight’s the Night” has always made me uncomfortable.  “Do You Think I’m Sexy” seemed overly self-serving and narcissistic.   I did enjoy “Young Turks” and the Motown tune remake “This Old Heart of Mine”.  Old Rod sold more than 100 million records globally placing him at number 71 most successful recording artist ever.

Heart  was a strong player in the late 1970’s right up until 1990.  But little Janet Jackson – who only placed a handful of LP’s on the charts made them count with five number one’s – one number 2 and one number 3.

Ireland’s Sinead O’Connor sort of frightened me – Bonnie Raitt seemed like a bit of a tuffy – Seems like MC Hammer was around forever –

I probably won’t be posting any additional ads beyond the 1970’s.

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