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Cutting to the Chase

June 24, 2019

The Three Haircuts

What a claim!  Two “B” sides – Without looking at the bottom captions do you recognize these guys?

A lot of humor here with Carl Reiner, Sid Casesar and Howie Morris – This single was released in 1955.  They performed on television as “Tom, Dick and Mike Haircut”.

The release on RCA Victor would be their only time together on wax – probably a good thing.

Howie (Howard) Morris passed away in May of 2005.  He made regular appearances on the Andy Griffith show as “Ernest T. Bass”.

Howard Morris.jpg

Morris as Ernest T. Bass”

Sid Caesar passed away in February of 2014.  He composed a “B” side for Tony Alamo in 1955 “I Wrote A Song for Your Birthday (The Birthday Song)”, and in that same year “Was That You” also recorded by Alamo.

“The Tower (And Then You Do That Step)” for Dick Jacobs in 1957.

Sid Caesar - 1961.JPG

Carl Reiner most famously teamed up with Mel Brooks to record (and perform) their “2000 Year Old Man” tracks in 1960.  Reiner still going strong at age 97.

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  1. As absurd now as it was then.

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