From the Land of Band Box Records


  1. Lots of labels fighting each other with cover versions of various songs at this time. In hindsight we of course know that Floyd Cramer beat out Lawrence Welk’s version of “Last Date.” But looking back, it’s hard to believe they were battling over a song called “Ruby Duby Du.” It was a tie-in with a movie called “Key Witness,” which got good reviews but wound up losing money at the box office. “Can She Give You Fever” is another one with cover versions, but I don’t remember it as being a big hit. On the other hand, “Poetry in Motion” was a huge hit, but why does the ad show a nice picture of Johnny Tillotson next to a shot of a woman dancing who looks old enough to be his grandmother!!!! I love seeing these old ads.

  2. I was also going to note that Tobin Matthew’s got the hit version, although I remember reading that he was a good-looking singer who actually had no involvement with the record, which was an instrumental!

    I was also unaware that Loy Clingman’s family was on Trey Records, but I should not be surprised considering that Trey was effectively a Lee Hazelwood-Lester Sill operation despite being owned by Atlantic, and Loy Clingman had deep roots with Lee Hazlewood.

    Finally, it’s funny that James Booker’s seminal hit, Gonzo, is advertised as Little Booker. My copy of the 45, and every one I’ve ever seen, says James. It is also impressive to me that the record has come up on various commercials and background music services a lot recently. I think it speaks to its overall excellence and timelessness. Booker, of course, is the organist. I never knew who the flautist was. Can anyone provide a name?

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