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Back to the Battle!

July 23, 2019

KIMN Teen Music and Dance Festival 1965

Having posted recently on this KIMN 1965 event – which included a massive “Battle of the Bands” with over a bunch groups from around Colorado participating – it now is pretty clear that this was a one-time blow out which drew many of the ‘big boys’ from the recording industry’s major labels.  KIMN’s other premier event came in 1967 and was covered here recently as well.

Following is a November 20th, 1965 article promoting the event – and then a series of photos which appeared post-Battle in the Christmas Day 1965 issue of Billboard.

Johnny Rivers was the headline act for the Festival and Colorado’s Astronauts, Frankie Rino & the Squires, the Soul Survivors and the Moonrakers were the premier acts.

Record Industry Executives In Attendance & Event Organizers

Not pictured were executives from Smash, Liberty, Vee Jay and Philips record labels.  KIMN’s program director – Ted Atkins was a major force organizing the event on behalf of the Denver Tiger.

Three More A&R Biggies – Billy James (Columbia), Steve Douglas (Capitol) , and Al Schmitt (RCA Victor)

James “Jimmy” Bowen Represented Warner Bros. and Reprise Records


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