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On Pleasant Street in Boulder

September 13, 2019

“Siberia With a View”

I came across a very interesting Blog Post recently relating to a band I had not heard of previously – The Pleasant Street Blues Band out of Boulder, Colorado.

The Blogger is Karl Isberg who has been posting since 2014 on his site “Siberia With a View” of which he tells us here in Colorado:

“My name is Karl Isberg. I live in a place I call Siberia With a View.  Siberia With a View is located near the Continental Divide, in the southern San Juan Mountains, in Colorado.  At 8,000 feet above sea level.  There’s not a lot of oxygen up here.  That explains a lot.  I have been here 27 years, an exile, removed from the city, and the many things that likely would have killed me long ago.”

Karl goes on to tell us about his career as a newspaper reporter, editor and also as an artist – painting being his mode of expression.  His posts are creative – intriguing – and beg to be shared.  I’ve spent some time perusing through his monthly contributions (he averages about four or five comprehensive Posts a month – so I have a lot of perusing ahead of me.

The Band

Luckily, I came across a Post from February 24th, 2015 titled “Waiting for the still point, the end of the set”.  This Post was a sobering tale relating to a Colorado ‘garage band’.  His Post commences:

“They’re all gone, but me.  I have a photo, a black and white pastogram.  A group of five young men gather atop a pile of rubble, in front of a single-story brick structure in Boulder, Colorado. A sign fixed to the building indicates the place is occupied by Rolands Beauty Salon.  It is late winter, 1966.”

The young men pictured above were – Standing Left: Mark Kincaid, Mick Durbin, Grady Waugh and Steve Hacker.  Karl kneels in front – all posed in front of Rolands Beautify Salon (long gone) back in 1966.  The band took its name from Pleasant Street of course, a street which appropriately enough runs directly through the famous “Hill” district adjacent to the University of Colorado.

Kincaid and Durbin had both played with a Boulder band called The Children.  Kincaid went on to join another Colorado band called “Climax” around 1968.  Kincaid, along with John Herron and Richard Whetstone would go on to a revised version of the Electric Prunes of “I Had Too Much To Dream” fame.


The Children

Mark and Mick would be replaced by guitar players Neal Jordan and Micky Emeson – who had been with Denver’s Galaxies.  Karl and Steve – according to Karl “were debris cast from one of the worst wrecks in music history of music: The Night Walker”.  The band played Denver’s Exodus and Galena Street East.  They were run out of small towns, locked spurs with Cowboys in Greeley and Cheyenne, escaped a near small airplane disaster, paid their dues in eastern U.S. city venues.  Drugs were prominent and destructive.  Micky and Steve later on formed a Beatles’ cover group in Denver.

Mick would head west and befriend Joni Mitchell.  Grady would do the same and would play behind Janis Joplin.  Emeson recorded one single for the Crested Butte label which – yep – was composed by the University of Colorado students Tim Gilbert and John Carter.  Gilbert was a guitar player and composer for The Rainy Daze and along with Carter composed “That Acapulco Gold” and “Incense and Peppermints” for the Strawberry Alarm Clock.


The Galaxies

Sadly, of the seven members of the Pleasant Street Blues Band, all but Karl have passed on.

Here is the entire tale as related by Karl at “Siberia With a View”

Drum on Karl – Drum On….

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