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Rock-a-Billy Cats & Chicks – “I-J”

December 2, 2019


Among these artists are “Johnny Jordan”, “Corky Jones” and “Thumper Jones” – probably a bit better known as Donnie Brooks, Buck Owens and George Jones.

George Jones is reported to have ‘converted’ to rockabilly (for a time) after touring with Buddy Holly in 1954.  The Holly band backed George when he sang on their tours.  His rockabilly songs will complete with wild “whoops” and “yelps” and sounded like something straight out of the Sun recording studio.  Some of the rockabilly tracks he laid down included “How Come It”, “Rock It”, “Maybe Little Baby” and a J.P. Richardson (“Big Bopper”) composition “White Lightning”.

Buck Owens laid down two strong rockabilly tracks in 1956 on the Pep record label ” Hot Dog” backed with “Rhythm and Booze” – both credited to “Corky Jones”.  From there he was encouraged by Mercury Records to continue in the same vein and so recorded “Draggin'” along with Rock, Roll, Jump and Jive”.

Donnie Brooks recording as Johnny Jordan would lay down two tracks on Jolt Records “Don’t Cry Little Baby” and “Sweet, Sweet, Sweet” in 1958 before embarking on his gentler days with Era Records.

Image result for donnie brooksImage result for young buck owensImage result for george jones young

(Also see my “ROCK-A-BILLY/ROCK/RHYTHM & BLUES PIONEERS FROM THE 1950’S ON 78 RPM” page for many main-stream pioneers)

Many of these musicians have been inducted into the Rockabilly Hall of Fame

The Inadequates – Capitol – 1959

The Incidentals – Ford – 1964

Benny Ingram – Bandera – 1958

Boyd Ingram – Ark – 1963


See the source image

The Invaders – Instro – 1962

Jerry Irby and the Texas Ranchers – 1956

(Houston, Texas)

Louie Innis – King – 1953

(Louis Todd Innis)

The Invictas – 20th Century Fox – 1964


(Trenton, Tennessee with The Pete Beavers Band)

Lonnie Irving – Starday – 1960

Kim Irwin – Jar – 1959

Rusty Isabell – Brent – 1959

(Also performed as “Red Hot” Russell)

Jimmy Isle – Sun – 1958

(Chicago, Illinois)

Ronnie Isle & the Blisters – MGM 1958


(Jamie Earl Isonhood – Benton, Mississippi)

The I-V Leaguers – Nau-Voo – 1958

Ivan – Coral – 1958

(Jerry Ivan Allison – Hillsboro, Texas – Member of the Crickets)

Sonny Joe Ivy – Jewel – 1964

J.C. & The Cavemen – Allstate – 1958

Jack & Jim – Brunswick – 1959

(Jack Huddle and Jim Robinson – Texas)

Jack & The Knights – Mitch – 1959

Johnny Jack – Great – 1959

(John Greco – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

Cleve Jackson and His Hound Dogs – Herald – 1953

(Jackson Toombs)

Eddie Jackson & His Swingsters – Fortune – 1956

(Smitty Smith, Eddie Jackson, Tracey White)

Harold Jackson and the Tornadoes – Aladdin – 1958

Jim Jackson – Everest – 1962

Joe Jackson – D – 1964

Mark Jackson – Starfire – 1961

Marvin Jackson – Marlo – 1961

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