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Spotlight: The Chimes

April 1, 2020

The Chimes (“I’m In The Mood For Love”)

Charted Number 38 Hot 100 – March, 1961

I pretty much covered the Chimes as far as is warranted – I’m In the Mood For Love” was a natural follow up to “Once In A While” even though it was designated as a “B” side by Tag Records – telling about their journey from first being called “The Capris” and later the “Videls”.  (Their site says the group was friendly with the Capris of “There’s a Moon Out Tonight” fame.) The Chimes hit streak would come to a halt at these two.

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One Comment

  1. Original lead Lenny Coco was still singing with a Chimes group in metro New York until his passing at age 78 in 2015. The original group broke up in 1964, but Coco kept playing revival gigs around New York on the strength of “Once In a While” (#11 in Billboard, 1961) and “I’m In the Mood For Love” (#38, also 1961).

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