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Spotlight: Nickey De Matteo

April 3, 2020

Billboard Magazine ran mini-biographies from 1959 into the early 1960’s sometimes providing us with interesting tidbits – Each biography was generally tied to a current release on behalf of the artist

Nicky De Matteo (“Suddenly”)

Peaked at number 90 – March, 1960 – Two Weeks on the Charts

Nicky started his singing career as a youngster first performing in USO shows and weddings – He auditioned for Arthur Godfrey in 1956 at the age of 15.  In 1960 Nicky found himself participating in a rock and roll tour in the middle United States.  The promoters of this tour were the same ones who had organized the fateful Buddy Holly/Ritchie Valens/Big Bopper tour one year earlier.

Not a rocker by any usual standards, Nicky proceeded with his singing career first recording for Ace records in 1957 out of New York (not the New Orleans’ label).  In 1958 he signed on with End Records and cut “Schoolhouse Rock” with no success.  Then it was on to Paris Records followed by Tore before landing at Guyden where he cut “Suddenly” – his only chart success.

Eight more singles would follow on five more labels and then the recordings would come to an end in the early 1970’s.  Nicky carried on as a nightclub piano player/vocalist into the new century.

Nicky Released one LP

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