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Spotlight: Rex Allen

April 5, 2020

Billboard Magazine ran mini-biographies from 1959 into the early 1960’s sometimes providing us with interesting tidbits – Each biography was generally tied to a current release on behalf of the artist

Rex Allen (“Don’t Go Near the Indians”)

(Peaked at number 17 Hot 100 – Number 4 Country – September, 1962)

Born Rex Elvie Allen in 1920, “Don’t Go Near the Indiana” would mark Allen’s only Hot 100 appearance – The song would be one of seven country charting singles for Allen – topping out at number 4 Country.  Allen recorded about 60 singles during his career but it would be his son, Rex Allen Jr., who became a country music regular on the charts with 32 chart makers including several top ten hits.  Allen Jr., was bested by his dad on the Hot 100 – never scoring a single Hot 100 hit.

Baby Boomers will probably remember Allen for his soothing voice as the narrator on Walt Disney’s nature and western movies such as the Incredible Journey in 1063.  Allen also appeared in 19 motion pictures.

The composer of “Don’t Go Near the Indians” was Lorene Mann who wrote many songs for mainly country musicians including Skeeter Davis, Kitty Wells and Eddy Arnold.

Utah Wagon Train poster.jpgThe Incredible Journey.jpg

One Comment

  1. like most of his C&W counterparts rex allen released one attempt at rock and roll, he just didn’t have the voice for it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DOMwfv56zZY

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