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Spotlight: Donnie & The Dreamers

May 18, 2020

Billboard Magazine ran mini-biographies from 1959 into the early 1960’s sometimes providing us with interesting tidbits – Each biography was generally tied to a current release on behalf of the artist

Donnie & The Dreamers (“Count Every Star”)

Charted Number 35 Hot 100 – May, 1961

Donnie and the Dreamer from New York City enjoyed a short run in the nation’s spotlight – Their debut “Count Every Star” reached number 35 in 1961 – A few months after it’s release they followed with “My Memories of You” which managed a number 79 position.

With two hits under their belts they switched labels to Decca – perhaps thinking a big label would continue them onto stardom – but it wasn’t to be.

The group also performed as “Kenny & The Whalers” and “Vinny Catalino and The Daydreams”.  “Count Every Star” was recorded also by Linda Scott and peaked at number 42 in 1962 – Ray Anthony scored a number 4 hit with the song in 1950 the same year Hugo Winterhalter scored with a number 10 hit.

 Vinny Catalano & The Daydreams (2) aka Donnie & The Dreamers (12) aka Kenny & The Whalers (2)


Count Every Star: Words by Sammy Gallop, Music by Bruno Coquatrix ...Count Every Star: Sammy Gallop, Bruno Coquatrix: Amazon.com: Books

Donnie and the Dreamers Discography

45 – Whale 500 – Count Every Star – Number 35 Hot 100 b/w Dorothy – April, 1961

 Vinny Catalano & The Daydreams (2) aka Donnie & The Dreamers (12) aka Kenny & The Whalers (2)

45 – Whale 504 – Kenny and the Whalers – Life Is But A Dream – 1961

(copies of this single are difficult to find)

45 – Whale 505 – My Memories Of You – Number 79 Hot 100 – b/w Teenage Love – July, 1961

45 – Decca 31312 – Carole b/w Ruby My Love – October, 1961

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  1. Wow – I forgot about these guys, but I couldn’t forget “Count Every Star,” since the phenomenal version by The Rivieras is the first 45 I ever bought and is still a favorite.

    Not to take anything away from “Donnie” and company, but check out The Rivieras if you want to hear how ’50s group harmony is really done, including an astoundingly impressive bass singer and gorgeous choral ending:

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