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Tiny Bubbles Part 9

May 19, 2020

The No-Hit Wonders – 1959-1979 – I-Artists

Continuing on here with the artists who managed just one measly chart appearance during their run from the 1950’s through the 1970’s.  For most of these musicians – the day their only recording finally landed on the Bubbling Under charts had to be a life-time highlight!

Others enjoyed LP success – due to just not being a ‘hit single act’ – Surprisingly, many artists recorded many, many singles in spite of no national recognition – Some found their way onto the local radio station charts – And for many, that was probably reward-enough.

The “I” Artists

Ian & Sylvia – MGM 13686 – Lovin’ Sound – Number 101 – July, 1967

Ian Tyson and Sylvia Fricker folk duo from Canada – They were married for about 11 years.

Ian & The Zodiacs – Philips 40291 – So Much In Love With You – Number 131 – July, 1965

British invasion group from Liverpool, England

The Imaginations – Music Makers 103 – Goodnight Baby – Number 116 – June, 1961

Doo wop group from Long Island, New York  – Bobby Bloom was a member of this group who also recorded with “The Expressions” in 1963 –

Don Imus – RCA Victor 0982 – Son Of Checkers (The Watergate Case) – Number 123 – June, 1973

Famed DJ John Donald Imus from Riverside, California

The Inner City Jam Band – Bareback  535 – What I Did For Love – Number 128 – November, 1977

Disco group from New York

The Inspirations – Black Pearl 100 – Touch Me, Kiss Me, Hold Me – Number 107 – March, 1967

Female R&B group out of New York City

The Intertains – Uptown 717 – Gotta Find A Girl – Number 139 – December, 1965

R&B group out of Cleveland, Ohio – Larry Hancock was a member who was also in groups “S.O.U.L” and “Truth” (shown)

The Inverts – Tower 324 – Look Out Love – Number 134 – June, 1967

R&B group

The Invictas – Sahara 107 – The Hump – Number 148 – June, 1967

Garage group from Rochester, New York – Also recorded as “The Invictas A-Go-Go”

Invictus – Rama Rama 7779 – New Babe (Since I Found You) – Number 104 – April, 1969

Group out of Los Angeles, California

The Invincibles – Warner Bros. 5495 – Heart Full Of Love – Number 142 – April, 1965

R&B group out of Los Angeles, California – Also recorded as the “Soul Gents” in 1968

The Iron City Houserockers – MCA 41076 – Hideaway – Number 101 – August, 1979

Band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

It’s A Beautiful Day – Columbia 44928 – White Bird – Number 118 – October, 1969

Folk rock group from San Francisco, California – David Laflamme was a member of this group

The Peter Ivers Group – Epic 10681 – Ain’t That Peculiar – Number 146 – December, 1970

Peter Ivers was born in Illinois – He died in 1983 at the age of 36 a murder victim – an unsolved crime

One Comment

  1. Re: The Imaginations, my wife hired The Legends of Doo Wop to sing at my 60th birthday party a few years back, including Frank Mancuso of The Imaginations, who wrote and sang most of their records. His comment at the time: “If I knew I’d be singing these songs 40 years later, I would have written them in a lower key.” Here’s a crystal clear stereo version of Goodnight Baby:

    No surprise that “White Bird” bubbled under as a 45 – it was, of course, an edit of the classic album track and a “medley of It’s a Beautiful Day’s greatest hit.”

    Another fascinating collection….

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