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This section of the PopBopRocktilUDrop is simply a presentation of the “British Invasion” through my eyes – beginning with a glance at some pre-invasion rumblings in the U.S. (pre-late 1963) up through the final days (1968) and a brief glance at the immediate post-invasion days (1969).  These posts are centered on the U.S. record releases via my record collection for the most part – focusing on single releases entering Billboard’s Hot 100 and Bubbling Under Charts.

The Invasion incorporates the Beat groups and European followers onto the shores of the U.S.  In a few instances some of our neighbors to the north are included (Canada) and some other curious entries such as America’s Walker Brothers, P.J. Proby, Geno Washington and a few others who found their way to fame via the U.K. and the Invasion.

The Invasion spawned some strange bedfellows in the form of novelties and “wannabees” which are also presented here – all in as near as chronilogical order is possible with available information at hand.

British Invasion 1963 and 1964

British Invasion 1965

British Invasion 1966

British Invasion 1967

British Invasion 1968

British Invasion 1969

British Invasion Faces

Off Beat LP’s A-K

Off Beat LP’s L-Z

Beat Rosters: A-B

Beat Rosters: C-D

Beat Rosters: E-F-G

Beat Rosters: H-I-J

Beat Rosters: K-L

Beat Rosters: M-N

Beat Rosters: O-P-Q

Beat Rosters: R-S

Beat Rosters: T-U-V

Beat Rosters: W-X-Y-Z

Invasion Goes Psychedelic

Invasion in Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Invasion Novelty 45’s

Invasion Links

Invasion Publications

Off Beat 45’s 1964

Off Beat 45’s 1965

Off  Beat 45’s 1966

Off  Beat 45’s 1967

Off Beat 45’s 1968

Off  Beat 45’s 1969


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